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Keep getting loads of conflicting advice about whether or not to take the JE vaccine. Has anyone had this vacination and in particular the course taken over 14 days? If so did you have any side effects?

We are flying to India on feb 9th and need to decide sharpish if we┬┤re going to have the jab or not!!

We will be in SE Asia during the transmission season but hear the risk of being infected is very low!!

Any advice greatly received!


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i have been to india almost every other year of my life and have never had that one! not sure about SE asia... although i am going there later this year (in june/july) and have not been advised to have it ;)

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Hi Andy,

What I can tell you is that from what I know, 99.99%, if not all, of Malaysians do not take this vaccine. Our government have not issued any directives to get a jab for JE, even during the minor JE outbreak in late 1990s. Plus, I have not heard of such requirements for neighbouring countries as well. So I believe you can save up the money instead.


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I wondered about having this jab to and the health medic said she would personally not have it but spend what money you would on the vaccination on half decent accommodation in any places you may vist during the wet seasons (when it is most prevailent). Needless to say we didnt bother so i wouldn't if i were you.

5. Posted by barge (Full Member 54 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks everyone.

We decided to bin the idea and spend money on good mozzie repelents etc. My GP also said to forget it, but I can tell you there is some / much conflicting advice.

Anyway, thanks guys!!!!!