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i'm new here, so please don't get annoyed if i put this thread in the wrong section or what not.

i'm looking for a new digital camera (preferably an slr), and i'm looking for some help. i've heard a lot of good things about nikon, especially the D70. i read a thread on here about the D70 vs. the D100, and it scratched the D100 out of my picture. i've tried to do as much research as i could, but once the D70 got put into my mind, i can't get it out.

i'm willing to look into other companies, but i must admit that (what i've seen) nikon has a very good selection of lens', and a lot of them are lens' that i am facinated with. such as their fisheye lens (which is a must-have for me, because i'll be shooting a lot of skateboarding), and their macro lens' are great too.

any suggestions? a different nikon? a different company? is the D70 a good choice? i'm willing to pay as much as the D70, and maybe even a few hundred more. any help would be highly appreciated.

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As a travel photography NUT, I've taken a lot of pictures with a lot of cameras. Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Hasselblad,...I've tried them all !

I have owned Nikon cameras (N70, F100, D70) for years and generally enjoy the system. I bought a Nikon D70 last year and I love it. Their lenses are about as sharp as you can get on the consumer/prosumer market.

That's not to say the Nikon D70 is perfect: the viewfinder is a little small, and I've found myself taking poorly focused snapshots that initially looked fine on small LCD, but a little fuzzy when enlarged.

Another great brand name (perhaps the only other rival) would be Canon. Generally their technologies are a few months ahead of Nikon, a little cheaper, and every bit as good.

My only other comment is that you should carefully consider whether an SLR is right for you. An SLR WON'T take any better pictures than the traditional point-and-shoot cameras. An SLR WILL provide you with greater creative control. Most people won't take advantage of this, and find the additional bulkiness just too conspicuous or cumbersome for travel. If that sounds like you, get a smaller point-and-shoot !

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D70 is a good buy. The price was cut by another 30% this month.