so, how much do i need for a RTW then???

Travel Forums Round the World Travel so, how much do i need for a RTW then???

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right, i know this is a bit of a tricky one and depends on so many other variables but if i was to do a RTW for say, 6 months stopping in

South Africa 2months
Singapore 1weeks
Japan 3weeks
California 2months
Central America 1 month

and doing the usual traveler kind of activities like a few excursions here and there, staying in hostels, eating out (but on the cheap), a bit of eating in, museums, days at beaches, a few nights out drinking and clubbing etc etc etc would anyone with a bit of experience in such matters care to guestimate how much i would safely need? (Not including flights)

ive done my own calculations but as this is such a new thing for me i just want to check how close or far off the mark i am!

many thanks

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Not too sure about SA but I'm pretty sure that the three months that you are spending in Japan and California are definately gonna eat into it!

I'm planning a RTW starting in June/July this year and have trimmed my stays in Japan and the US down out of apprehension of this.

I've been informed that you can do Japan on 3000 yen/£15 but with the clubbing and excursions on top I would say you would be talking double there.

I would say at least $40 in the States clubbing/excursions on top of course.

Singapore and Central America will be cheaper of course.

I would hazard a guess at at least US$8000/£4200.

What did you work out?

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as well as costs once you are travelling do not forget pre trip costs, for purchasing essentials, visas etc . .

I referred to one of the RTW first time guidebooks when I went last year, which calculates the following:

LOWEST eg sleeping in dorm rooms, camping, eating cheap food from supermarkets, limited excursions, occasional beer, no lingering coffees in cafes! $10 per daily in developing & $22 in developed

MEDIUM eg cheap accomodation, few coffees at nice cafes per week, museums but limited adventure activites, no more than 1 or 2 beers per day $25 in developing and $50 in developed

HIGHEST eg occasional splurge on good hotel, unlimited coffee and liberal drinking, adventure activities, resturants $50 in developing and $100 in developed.

I did a mixture of all three, depending where I was and what I wanted to do. I used an interest free credit card.

Hope this helps B