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Thailand - what can go wrong?

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11. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1929 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

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uau, thanks everybody for the great responses! but keep 'em coming :D

For every trip you should know about things that could go wrong or things you should be aware of. This doesn't mean you won't have a nice time in Thailand. You have to take normal precautions that you would in any strange city in the world. I have paid too much for rides in New York City by taxi cabs but paying too much for a taxi ride in Bangkok will be peanuts compared to that city! If you pay too much for something in Thailand it will hurt your pride more than your wallet. Unless you "invest" a lot of money in practically worthless gems or something really too good to be true any extra baht you may spend on something will be quite small!

Just keep in mind that over 12 million tourists will probably visit Thailand this year and I would bet that almost all of them would be happy to return again! Many tourists do return again and again year after year! You will have a nice time in Thailand and it will be cheaper to do so than many other tourist destinations in other countries in the world.

Enjoy your holiday in Thailand.

12. Posted by Chix (Full Member 114 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

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Some really great advice from all the replies on this thread but also it has made Thailand sound like the most horrific place on earth with touts round every corner and back up plans needed for every place you go...

Have fun!

I've cut the post down but agree with the sentiment; remember that you (the OP) has asked for information on the potential downsides of Thailand. I went in 2009 and it was, hands down, the best place I've ever been to. The people are exceptionally friendy, the weather is gorgeous (but beware those afternoon downpours...naptime, anyone?) and the shopping and beer is 'cheap, cheap'. Yes, tuk-tuk drivers are out to make a quick buck but do some haggling with a bit smile on your face and you can't go wrong. If the price isn't right, just walk on, no doubt there will be another one crawling alongside you shouting 'tuk tuk sir?' within 30 seconds.

Don't get so drunk you can't find your way home, don't take any illegal drugs (serious penalties if you do!) and don't worry too much, otherwise you'll ruin the whole experience!

PS: I haven't read all the posts but has anyone mentioned dengue fever yet...? ;)

13. Posted by flyingbob (Inactive 842 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Worst thing for me was eating out. I got bad guts night after night in Bangkok. The cheaper restaurants just dont know the word 'Clean'.

14. Posted by Curt1591 (Respected Member 230 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

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Worst thing for me was eating out. I got bad guts night after night in Bangkok. The cheaper restaurants just dont know the word 'Clean'.

"Bad guts" can come from many sources. Even the "benign" Thai bacteria can cause reactions for people not accustomed, just like Thais can't always cope with "Western" bacteria,

We usually dine at "cheaper" restaurants, food courts, stalls and carts. These, more often than not, prepare food on demand. We can see the preparation.

About a month ago, I got the worst case of food poisoning, from a very popular, upscale Japanese chain restaurant, resulting in about 3 hours on the throne, with a bucket in my lap! Didn't eat squid lips and fish fins, simply katsudon. Probably was served some well incubated rice.

I have also had a couple sour stomaches after KFC visits. I think they take "fast food" too seriously and don't always cook thoroughly.

Wash your hands often. Much of the "food" problem is actually contamination, not bad food. We, ourselves, are often the ones that contaminate the food.

15. Posted by Malapacua (Budding Member 8 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

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Hey everybody!

I know this post is quite pesimistic, but i wanna know what all can go wrong on a trip to Thailand

Thailand is like Majorca (or Florida if you're from the states), there aren't many things that could go wrong, if you not challange it.

There Millions of tourists/backpackers and 99,99% go home without having problems.

It is really easy, even cooking a microwave meal is more difficult than travelling in Thailand.

16. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5157 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Quoting flyingbob

The cheaper restaurants just dont know the word 'Clean'.

That comes over as a pretty bigoted point of view. As Curt also said, it could be simply a case of a local bacteria you don't have a resistance too. I basically followed the same procedure in Thailand as I did in Peru - avoiding anything which wasn't cooked. Not because things like lettuce and tomato wouldn't be clean, but rather because they would be - washed with fresh local water, containing things my stomach wouldn't be able to handle.

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17. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1851 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Watch out for pick pockets. Lots in Bangkok these days, and elsewhere.
Take a number of credit cards, even if you don't plan on using them.
Get full insurance.
Do not hire a motorbike.
Do take something for diarrhoea.
A can of fly spray is good, for last thing at night.
Pick up some talcum powder from Watson's, Tesco's, etc and use where you sweat, but not too much.
Take your own condoms. The Thai ones are for micro-dicks.
Always carry your passport SOMEWHERE SECURE, in case of being stopped by a cop. A photocopy is not sufficient but take one in case you lose it.
Drink plenty of water (make sure you break a seal when opening a bottle. No seal = tap water.)
Don't be stingy. Lots of Thai people have very little, and beggars have nothing.
Use public transport for getting around. Watch what others do if unsure. And again, be careful of pick pockets in crowds.
Though they may deserve it, don't lose your temper.
Don't point at anyone close up. People will sometimes use their thumb rather than finger.
Unless from telephoto distances, be careful of taking photos of people. They may not like it, or in some cases, may want money.
The tourist Police are a waste of time, with 98% of their work being writing theft reports (this from one of them).
Other police are often corrupt. If you do somehow get in trouble, ask the cop quietly if there is a fine you can pay. This will be a bribe but under no circumstances do you say so. If a lot, you can plead that you do not have much money and he may reduce it.
If someone tells you a place is shut (like the Grand Palace) and offers to take you elsewhere, he is lying.
If you want a girl, get one from a bar. If one from the street, she could vanish with all your money in the middle of the night and you'll never find her again whereas in the bars, the boss and girls know where each other lives.
Take a small telescopic umbrella. Rain is rare outside the rainy season but when it does come down it is very heavy.
Take good walking shoes, and get some insoles.
Maps are always handy as is a good guide book, like the Lonely Planet.
Careful of losing all your photos in a digital camera, through a virus or whatever (cyber cafe). This happens to so many people.
Pay extra for air conditioning. It is worth it.

18. Posted by Malapacua (Budding Member 8 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Cyberia

Do not hire a motorbike.

Islands like Phangan or Ko Chang without a bike????

I wouldn't spend their a couple of days without a bike, even not for free. Thailand without the motorbikes is worthless.

Is it dangerous? Yes, but it isn't fun without.

19. Posted by eroltoksoy (Full Member 173 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

first of all I have to say that Thailand is one of the most inspiring places I have ever seen. And Thai people are simply the best I ever met. But if you want to know what can go wrong, I can say you may upset your stomach if you buy street food especially pork and chicken they are tasty but a little risky. Then mosquitos may bother you if you dont have flymat in your room, the sea is a little hot and some places are too steep. Anything else ? dont think so.

20. Posted by TraceyG (Respected Member 37 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

A friend lived in Thailand for a number of years and contracted a severe eye infection from snorkeling. She came very close to ending up blind in the affected eye due to poor/delayed medical care (e.g., having to take a 6-hour bus ride to reach an opthamologist, etc.). Snorkel with your eyes closed! ;)