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The original post is 8 years old. I suspect the poster has gone and returned, perhaps several times.

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Although the original post is 8 years old some things have not changed that much. You should fill out your profile. This makes it easier to help you out.

How long in Thailand?

What country are you from? What currency would you bring with you? Many Western currencies get a better rate in Thailand than at home but you have to compare and decide.

What time of the year will you visit? (High season-low season pricing. Christmas - New Years holidays highest for hotel prices and hotel vacancy.)

Yes, there is a fee to use an ATM in Thailand. The fee is the same for a very small withdrawal or the most your bank and the ATM allows. ATM fee is 220 baht. (A few Aeon ATMs are around 150 baht, not as many of them.)

Below currency link gives a daily rate conversion. Find your currency on this link! YOU compare what you get at home vs Thailand. For me, my US dollars gets a better rate in Thailand. I bring hundred dollar bills that are not old or marked. I also have a couple debit cards and a couple credit cards. (UK pounds, Euros, Canadian, Australian and other major currencies usually no problem changing in Thailand.)

  • How much you need per day depends solely on your wants and needs. There are wealthy tourists who eat in very expensive places every day and there cheap charlies like me who eat in "cheap places!" Same for nightlife - for some tourists they only drink at fancy nightclubs and cheap charlies like me usually use a cheap beer bar. (Young backpackers with skimpy budgets find places to stay at and eat at. Only you know how you travel!)

YOU work up some figures in a budget and see how much YOU have per day for your spending AFTER paying for round trip flights to Thailand and back. From your daily budget YOU figure out how much you want to invest in a hotel each night and find a hotel in that price range. Rooms in Bangkok can still be found starting around 600 baht with A/C and private bathroom along with TV. Also you will find rooms over 5000 baht per night that comes with same A/C, private bathroom, TV but with additional things like lots of butt kissing, pretty paintings, fancy lobbies, saunas, pools, maybe a choice of restaurants, etc.

  • * If you are using a phone for research switch to a PC and you will find it easier to do your research. And your posts will be easier to read.

Google search will give you some sample budgets and prices for various things. Bangkok can be cheaper than fancy beach areas. (Bangkok transportation is pretty good. Cheap buses, a rail service, meter taxis that are reasonable when you know how to use them and pay a meter fare vs a flat fee.)

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Quoting Ofie

Hey so to make it as simple as possible.
I will be in thailand for 5 weeks...
1. how much should i plan on spending each week in dollars or baht?
2. should i bring all the cash with me?
3. how does the atm work there? ... service charge?...
4. is it better to exchange money before leave or there.. and how much should i bring on the first day...

thank you.. so far figuring out the money situation is making me nuts lol



We have spend two weeks in Thailand, Phuket around Karon Beach.
For two of us, the food and drink was very cheap and no problems with using ATMS.

We always had some cash with us, but overall spend about £500 between both on food an drink.

Hope this will help.

Best to have mix of cash and card available :)

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This thread is old, but it showed up near the top of the search and I do have something to add that hasn't been said. When you get off the plane, there are exchangers at every foreign airport. Their exchange rates are usually not very good. Just get enough local currency to get you out of the airport and to where you want to go, and maybe enough for one night. If you are in civilization at your place of stay, you will find local exchange booths. This is true of every city that I have stayed in Thailand and Indonesia. The rates at the local exchangers are usually much, much better than at the airport. And they don't charge you 200 baht like the ATM! No fees!