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REF : My only problem with most Thai beaches are prostitution. If that is what you're looking for is ok for you. But, to me it takes away the value of a beautiful place - especially, if you traveled with your wife and kids or fiancé. And worst, is child prostitution. The Thai government is doing something about it, but not enough.

Have you ever seen any child prostitution in the beach areas 'iloveflyin'?. If you had, then i'd be suprised. It's virtually eradicated in Thailand now (when it comes to foriegners i mean). It always has and still,goes on to a large extent with the Thais behind closed doors. But if you'd actually seen a tourist with a child, then i'd be very suprised indeed considering how tough they are on it now. Bear in mind, that many Thai girls often look much much younger than they actually are. Perhaps a case of mistaken age perhaps?

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Hi ommandawn,

About child prostitution, I have to confest that I have not seen one. However, a few months ago, the topic of child pornography in Thailand was one of the TV documentaries here in America. As I remember, it involved mostly young boys and European men.
While I am on this subject, two nights ago, one of the major TV chanel here in the US, did a story on child pornography in Cambodia as well. But then again, I never saw any. I guess, some of these things you have to look for them. Last year one of my co-worker went to Pataya, Thailand for a health conference (he and I both work for a local heath department here in the US). He came back and told me, Pataya is not really an place for family anymore, due to too many hookers. It is sad, some people are so poor and desperate that they have to rely on this kind of work to live. But it's even sadder for those who take advantage of people who are in need. I don't mean to criticize anyone, but to state the facts. Afterall, this is a travel forum.

PS. I hope you are right about the Thai government progress on child pornography. Last time I was there was in 2002.

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Your friend has the situation the wrong way around regarding Pattaya really. It's been like that for years (since the 1970's) before familys began arriving for holidays (a relatively recently thing). Although i've never been there, it is said at this time to be the most "Tame" that it ever has been since the 1970's, regarding prostitution.

The child sex that occurs in Thailand does apparently sometimes take place with foreign men. But most of all, it is a Thai problem (the same is the case in Cambodia, where 98% of it occuring are due to Cambodian men being the clients). The Thai (and Cambodian) government is very good at finding diversions. Capturing foriegn paedophiles is a great diversion away from their own problem.

Even the mainstream sex industry in Thailand, is not quite what people expect. Foriegn tourists on holiday using the sex trade, take up as little as 10%. The other 90% of customers are Thai men, and they go to brothels regulary. The women that cater to Thai men, are often kept in sheer slavery and bondage.

In many cases, they were often kidnapped from their villages and in many cases sold off by their parents for large sums of cash, to pimps who take them to the cities. In such places, they are sometimes chained to beds. The industry that caters to tourists is tiny in comparison.

For the tourists, the girls are simply doing it to boost their income to a massive degree. What they earn in one night with a tourist, they would have to work for 3 months slaving away in a shoe factory in Thailand, to come close to making. You can see how it's an attractive draw for them.

Yes, you wont see the Thai or Cambodian sex industry. It's kept behind closed doors and well out of sight. Therefore, the media likes to say that foriegners are the only problem and people using prostitutions,because it's so commonly visible when you visit Thailand. Nothing could be further from the truth. All of these problems are down to the countries themselves. I suspect it's just a sheer inability to admit to themselves that they have a problem. If girls are bar girling in tourist areas to make quick and easy money, then it shows that there is something wrong with the government's ideas of finding people work that pays well.

Big factories like shoe companies, are often western companies who have moved their factorys to Thailand, to find cheap labour. Of some in Thailand, i know one which does'nt even pay it's workers with money. They pay them back with food. It's a trap they can never escape. They can work as hard as they like, but they will never save any money to move on. Therefore, many of them see the life of a bar girl for tourists, as a dream come true that pays them 3 or 4 months wages, in one night.

Naturally, from their side, they have to consider what is worse and more exploitive?. Western companies keeping them in a trap of 12 hour days in the factory, working for months and months to make any real money (or none at all, and just food)?. Or, those who come to Thailand as tourists and spend time with Thai bargirls and pay them LOTS of cash?

Things are not what they appear to be, in Thailand or Cambodia.

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Hi Om.,

I hope you are right about the progress in these areas. I was born and raised most of my child hood in Southeast Asia, and hate to see nice places going bad. I first came to Pattaya is back in the late 60, and early 70, when we have the US military in Thailand. Back then it wasn't that bad. I came through Bangkok many times while living in Laos, and when traveling out of Vietnam. My friend, was a military brat back then living in Bangkok, so I am sure what he described about Pattaya is a comparision with the time whe lived there.
I agree, as a foreigner you only see what on the surface. But there is a problem among the local that tourists don't often see. I remember, one night in Bangkok, after checking in the hotel, I walked outside looking for a restaurant. I came into this place, which I thought was a restaurant. Inside, I saw a big glass room full of women dressed in white. They were talking, knitting, like ducks in the cage. Outside, very dimly lit, 20-30 men looking in (perhaps, to select their "dinner"). Needless to say, I left quickly, for I wasn't looking for that kind of food.
I believe, if you and I were just tourists, we wouldn't know the magniture of the problems in these countries. What you and I can only describe is our short time experience. One night, I even saw a local guy got robbed by a man with knife, by a bridge in Bangkok. I still think Bangkok safe enough for me. Unless I live there, I can only go by what reported. Same as you, unless you live there or work with the local authority on this problem, what you said is only one person's perspective, a tourist's perspective that is.

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Sawasdee kha (it means "Hi!" in Thai ;))

First of all, i'd like to say i'm glad to know that most of you guys enjoy travelling in my country;Thailand.

Our friends' info's very,very useful for you, Phil.

my foreign friends always discuss about child prostitution in Th'land but i think it's hard to solve the problem, our government's finding ways out to support those girls n' women.

someone said that BKK has more temples than any cities he's ever been to....haha...maybe you haven't got a chance visitting Ayuddhaya, if you go there, you'll be very SURPRISE!!!

welcome to Thailand, have a good trip & SMILE :) together

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someone said that BKK has more temples than any cities he's ever been to....haha...maybe you haven't got a chance visitting Ayuddhaya, if you go there, you'll be very SURPRISE!!!

Sawasdee kha, tarnly,

Someone is me! No I haven't been to Ayuddhaya, the ancient city of Thailand, some 80 km north of Bangkok. I wonder if some of the old temples and buddhas have been repaired in that city.

Like you, I am Asian, too, and from that part of the globe. Eventhough I don't live in Thailand, I return about once a year, with the exception of last year. What burns me, is that foreign men from mostly Europe and US coming to Thailand or Cambodia, looking for a cheap way to satisfy their sex drive, thinking they're doing the local people a favor, because we are poor and need their money. Friends like that we don't need. I don't mind people coming in and have fun, sight seeing, shopping, and learning about local culture. But travel miles and miles just for some cheap f. That's too low! I don't know how you feel, but I was very upset, to see on TV, children (from my former country) ages around 8-15 used as sex toy for these horny bastards, and then when in interview, they had the guts to says "I like my friends, I come here two or three times a year to support my friends"!

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Hi all,

Dear "iloveflyin",
maybe you'll know much more about Thailand than I know

it's g--r--e--a--t!!!

so what makes you come here;Thailand almost every year ?
d'you have any relatives in Thailand?
(oops! sorry if i ask too much)

p.s. your opinion about the topic's just like mine,
i don't know what to do coz i don't have any power to solve it :(
hope that one day i can do sth. to make it better!
(is it possible?????)

bye for now.

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Hi tarnly,

I have relatives and friends in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Since I work for the airline industry (parttime) I have flight benefits, and use it all the time. About once a year, I travel from the US to Tokyo, Vietnam, Bangkok, Tokyo, and back to the US. Sometimes, I after Bangkok, I would go to the Philippines (I graduated from a highschool there), Hong Kong, London, Paris (have relatives and friends in London and Paris), back to the US. I lived in Laos for two years. As you know, Laos is a landlock country. So if I wanted to go to the beach, I had to travel by train from Nongkhai to Bangkok, then take the bus to Pattaya or whatever beach I wanted to go to. Each summer and Christmas I had to go through Bangkok to go back to Laos from my school in the Philippines. I don't think I know as much as you about Thailand, but I consider it one of my favorite places (lots of childhood memories). I am sadden by some of the changes that take place over the past two decades in the places I have been to, not just in Thailand, but Hong Kong and other cities also. I see some of the good changes, but I still like the good old days. Now, I have children, and want them to see the places I've been to. My father is a retire diplomat, that's how I got most of my travel. Although, my main profession is in Healthcare, I work parttime for an airline, in order to get travel benefits. I would highly recommend people to get a second job (or the first job) working for some airlines, if they take travel seriously. Right now the airline industry is not doing too well. Most airlines laid off many of their employees. But when the economy goes back up, do apply.

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i really wanna visit Cambodia, Ankor Wat - Ankor Thom,
but i can't manage my work schedule yet

ha...a second job's sounds interesting,
my part-time job's teaching Thai-Mandarin, maybe i'll find another
in an airline company like you;iloveflyin,
and then it'll serve me some travel benefits!

have you heard of the "air asia" ?
it's a new campaign for travelling in Thailand with much more cheaper, and cheaper tickets (fly to Phuket, Hat Yai, Chiang Mai etc.)
sounds great!

p.s. "iloveflyin", i think you're a little bit sensible,right?
coz you think about the good old days in the countries you've ever been to. (it's cute!)

enjoy travelling la

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Hi tarnly,

I guess you meant nostalgic. Yah, at times when I compared what was and what is. Sometimes it's fun to be nostalgic when it comes to travel. It makes you realize how fortunate you're, to be able to enjoy somethings that no longer exist. This march, my father and I plan to go to Tokyo. We want to find the house where we lived back in the 60's. I want to go there in March, because, along the road to my house, during that time they are full of cherry blossoms. I'll be sad, if they all got chopped down to make way for larger roads.

I am a bit sensitive on the travel subject, too. I'm trying to teach my children to be responsible and generous tourists. We come to other people's countries as guests, we better treat them and their countries nicely, just like we come to a friend's house. Don't throw trash everywhere, or look down on people just because they are poor, and want to make a few dollars from us tourists.

Your questions about Air Asia, yes I know abit about them. I don't think, they are from Thailand, but from Malaysia. They have a few hubs, including Bangkok. They are like Ryanair in Europe, or Southwest in the US. Their prices are soooooo cheap, that will put up a good fight with Thai Airways. This week, they have a sale to Khon Kaen (500THB), Chiang Mai (600THB), Phukhet (800THB) and Hat Yai (900THB). As you know the US dollar rate vs Thai B. is about 40THB= $1. Very good price.
Have a great day!