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Year abroad in Spain- advice and info wanted!


I'm at university in my second year at the moment and next year as part of my course i'm spending half the year in France and half in Spain cos i'm doing a degree in French and Spanish. I'm hoping to go on the Erasmus exchange programme to Spain and there are a few cities with which the univerity has links. I was wondering if people could give me info about the cities and/or the universities in these cities, pos and cons, what its like being on your own, expense of living there, how friendly are the locals. The cities which I can go to are Barcelona, Vigo, Granada, Vic and Zaragoza. Any info on these cities/universities much appreciated! Thanks!

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hey man, well i just got into granada over a week ago,. its a reali cool city, not overly large at all so its easy to navigate. its relativly cheap too and theres lots of reali cool things going on. i suppose its a very vibrant city, they medina parts is brilliant and generally the andalusian air to the place it great. the sun is always shining and the city looks pretty spectacular from all vantage points. thers good skying to, the mountains that surround granada on the north, east and west are all snow capped at the mo, definetly recommend it:)

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Well... it depends very much what are you looking for.

I come from a big city and Barcelona (for me) it's small. I cannot imagine Zaragoza, Vigo or Granada...

Barcelona.. is a very beautiful city. You have a better weather than UK, you have beach, mountains, it's near FRance (it's like 4 hours far from BCN).. The food is better, the public transportation is also good. You have a lot of nightclubs..It is a city where you can do a lot of will never get bored.

I'm pretty sure you will not find the weather, the beach, all the options to go out in Vigo.. Granada.. or Zaragoza.

The people in Barcelona is not very friendly.. I can't deny it... but you get used to it. A lot of population speaks catalan.. not Spanish, but it is a combination between French and Spanish.. hehe.. so you will not have any problem