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Thanks for all your great suggestions everyone! It looks like Vietnam is the front runner.

Malapacua, just FYI yes we are aware of all those things, and unfortunately we have jobs so three weeks will be the length of our holiday. Plenty of time to return again in the future.

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Philippines is still number 1, but i also like Japan and Korea...

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Yes I agree that Vietnam would be the best choice given your interests. Thailand is my favourite asian country however. Just love the food, the people, the history the atmosphere. I could go on and on, but Vietnam is fascinating and diverse.

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Perhaps Bali, Indonesia.
Herbal medicines (Jamu) and massages using oils and pastes made from locally grown plants have long played an important role in traditional Indonesian health care. In the last few years, this resource has been tapped into and adapted for the tourist market, with dozens of spas now offering traditional beauty treatments to visitors.

Rice Farming, emerald green rice terraces, or sawah, are one of the most memorable sights on Bali, an you'll see them almost everywhere-ranged in steps up hillsides, tumbling down step-sided river valleys, and encircling villages. The fertile volcanic soil, plentiful sunshine and regular downpours create ideal growing conditions that sustain at least two crops a year, and an ancient system of subak irrigation co-operatives ensures that neighbors help each other where possible- rice farming is unrelenting, back-breaking work, nearly all of it done by hand, from the painstaking planting of the seedlings to the harvesting and threshing of the paddy. Spiritual help is also enlisted from the beloved rice goddess, Dewi Sri, who is courted with numerous rituals and worshipped at tiny shrines in every expanse of sawah.

Garden Bathrooms
Perhaps inspired by the traditional use of the outdoors for ablutions (some villagers still bathe in the river every evening), some losmen and many hotels design their bathrooms with garden features. You may simply find a couple of shrubs and an artistically moussed-over stone-carving in your smallest room, or you may be greeted with elegant creations of riverbed pebbles, bamboo shower-spouts, miniature ponds and waterfalls, and perhaps even a sunken bathtub (with Jacuzzi in the poshest places). Many garden bathrooms have a partially open roof-never compromising your privacy, of course, but ideal for star-gazing or even a private shower in the rain.

Are you interest to go? I give you more information about it.

Have a nice day:)

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Japan- if I get free accomodations!
Its simply the most beautiful asian country.

But its like comparing apples and oranges...

China is sooo huge and it totally different.

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Laos is my fav. country.

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Malaysia has a nice mix of cultures: in Kuala Lumpur you can visit a mosque, a Chinese Buddhist temple, a huge Hindu temple (at the Batu Caves) or a Christian church. You can enjoy great Indian curry, Chinese food or local Malay dishes. And many people speak pretty good English. It's a relatively safe country, friendly and not too hygienically-challenged. ;-)

Singapore is nice, too- so clean and orderly, it doesn't feel like Asia at all!

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My favorite country, and the country I would suggest for your trip are probably different answers.

My favorite country in Asia is Japan - biased of course because I lived there and studied the language.
My second favorite, and completely opposite of Japan, is India.
After that, probably Southwest China, and I'm currently loving living in Hong Kong

However, for your purposes on a very brief 1 or 2 week trip, I would also easily vote Vietnam - especially the North. It's up there amongst my favorite places in the world and it's ideal for a short trip. Hanoi is a wonderful city and not overly urban if that's not your thing. Sapa is a great taste of the mountains, and Halong Bay is just beautiful.

If not Vietnam, I would recommend Thailand as it's a a very easy country to travel in, the food is top in the world, there's lots of great sights not far from Bangkok, and the beaches are nothing to complain about. It's not up there as my favorite country in the world, but I will always recommend it as a starting place in Asia.

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I absolutely love Malaysia.It's a lot less hectic than Thailand , with less of a backpacker scene and very safe and easy to travel around.The people are amazingly friendly and welcoming and the food is just incredible thanks to the mix of Chinese,Indian and Malay cultures.
My top places are the Perhentian Islands with their beautiful beaches,perfect for snorkelling and diving,the Cameron Highlands for fresh air and tea plantations and Kula Lumpar with the temples, mosques and markets of China town,the space age Petronas Towers and the fascinating Museum of Islamic Arts.It's a fabulous country to visit and definately my favourite in that part of the world.

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Vietnam is my favourite so far.

But I think once I get to Japan one day it could change...