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ok so i have been planning a trip to thailand for almost 6 months now i have my tickets and nothing can be exchanged due to rigid airline polices. My brother and i were planning to spend 2 weeks travelling up and down the southern part of thailand as i have already had the oppertunity to explore the eastern islands. Now we have change our rute and are planning on re-visiting the beautiful eastern coast again.
I had planned to spend 2 weeks there alone after my brother departs back to canada and help a friend in bangkok who works with children teaching english and also works in a few of the citys childrens homes.
Im thinking now from the tsunami tragedy my enthuseastic and playful nature could greatly help to relive some of the stress put upon the local children who have been left parentless and homless. I want to know if anyone can help me get in touch with some of the local shelters for children and would allow me to come down and help in anyway i can even if its singing cheesy campfire songs on my guitar or playing soccer with the children that have been left with nothing to do. I have helped a few orginizations in the past in costa rica building houses in some of the smaller poorest townships and could even lend a hand there but i feel if i am going to be there anyway i would like to contribute what i can. I know that they are trying to deture people from comming down to help but i belive when i arrive in march that most of the extreem clean up will be slightly less and im sure that somwhere they could use a smiling face.
If anyone knows where i can begin my quest please let me know but if knowbody knows i will just find my own way to help.

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I would probably recommend to contact larger organizations because they have branches (for lack of a better term) over there.

Try , , just to name a few. (I gave you the Canadian versions of the websites because I noticed you were from Canada). Most sites will have links for Tsunami relief and numbers to call. Usually these organizations would encourage to send money, but if you explain your situation, they may help you get in contact with the proper people in affected areas.

Good luck and I have to say that you really are a kind and generous person to be doing something like this. Many people would not have opted to do that.

Katie ;)

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Just one more's a link to a thread in the Asia forum that may help....

K ;)