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Myself and my wife will be leaving for our RTW trip in late May ’05 and I was hoping to go for about 12 months but since I have started looking at the budget it seems only 10 months will be possible. We have about £20,000 - £23,000 max to use.
Please have a look at the route and then at the budget for each sector and advise if I’ve over budgeted and can add going to S.E Asia and Hong Kong for a further 1-2 months or if this budget is ok and realistic.


All accommodation will be budget, backpackers, camping or campervan.

States – 3 months 28th May till 25th August

Travelling up the west coast from San Francisco up throu Washington into Canada to Vancouver, across to Calgary and down throu Montana to yellow stone , to Vegas and back throu to S.F.

We will be leaving from LAX for Papette.

Tahiti – about 10 days - 26th Aug till 5th Sept

Cook Islands – 14 days - 5th Sept till 19th Sept
We will be doing our Padi Open water course here.

Fiji – 7 –10 days - 19th Sept till 29th Sept
On route to NZ – May Island hop a bit.

New Zealand – 2 Months 30th Sept till 30th November.
2 months, will be hiring a sleeper van and travelling around the country.

Australia - 4 months 1st Dec till 1st April
Mostly east coast. Fly in Melbourne and travel up to Darwin and out throu Brisbane
Campervan most of the time.

The Cost.

Before we leave

RTW tickets = £925 + taxes x 2 =£2250 econ
Backpacks = £130 x 2 = £260
Footwear =£150 x 2 = £300.
Travel stuff (money belts, travel towels etc) = £100
Insurance =£245 x2 = £490

Sub total = £3,400

STATES -3 months about 70 days travelling.

Car = Free
Camping or RV park about £10.00 per night x 70 nights = £700
Fuel = based on £30 a tank fill up every 3 days = £800 – is this to much?
Food = £25per day x 70= £1750
Sightseeing = £350
Spending Money = £800

Sub total = £4400

TAHITI – 7 days

Transport – Local buses
Accom = £52 x 7 = £364 or as low as £16.97 a day for a dorm =£119
Food= £30 x 7 =£210

Sub total =£874 or £629

COOK ISLANDS – 14 days

Accom =£39.00 x 14 = £546 or as low as £13.02 a day for dub room at BP Int =£182
Food =£25 x 14 =£350
Diving £140 x 2 = £280
Transport = bikes £20
Spending = £250 Sub total =£1446 or =£1082

FIJI – 7 days

Accom =£20 x 7 = £140 or as low as £10 a day for doub room at BP Int =£70
Food =£25 x 7 =£175
Transport = Local Buses
Spending = £150
Sights = £200

Subtotal = £665 or £595

NEW ZEALAND – 2 months

Food =£25 x 60 =£1500
Transport = camper Van 60day =£1635 based on 30days at $55n and 30day at $90
But have seen considerable better deals from $40 a day =£ 894
Fuel = £0.40p per litre x 30 l tank =£12.00 per tank fill every 3 days =£240
Camper Parks =£8 x 60 =£480
Spending = £600
Sights = £500

Subtotal = £4955

AUSTRALIA – 4 months

Food =£20 x 120 =£2400
Transport = camper Van 120 day =£2566 based on 120days at $53
Fuel = £0.35p per litre x 30 l tank =£10.50 per tank fill every 3 days =£420
Camper Parks =£8 x 100 =£800
Spending = £1200
Sights = £800

Sub total = £8186

Total Cost = £23,986.00

What do you think?

Thanks in advance


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sounds like an amazing trip, i haven't a clue about your budget but it looks like you covered everything and the money should be more then enough!!! could you tell me where you booked your Plane tickets, looks like a good deal

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It's always best to over allow on expenditure in any venture .... You never know what contingent costs may arise. I wouldn't worry about the last two months at this stage Work it out later

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Hi Chris,
I shouldn't worry about over budgeting. My and my girlfriend are going on a RTW trip from Sept this year for 6 months. We have budgeted about 17k for about 168 days travelling.

This includes RTW tickets plus backpacks etc. Backpackers style only accommodation and all the extras such as evening meals, drinks etc. Also, a few white knuckle ride activities

Destinations - Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Oz, NZ, Hawaii, Mainland USA and Canada.

I guess it does help with the fact that our currency is quite strong, will go a long way in most countries - assuming that you live in the UK.


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I think that your estimation of petrol costs is very generous.
I just did Chicago to Florida, approx 2,300 miles and used 6 tanks of gas at $1.90 per gal. For me that was roughly $15 per tank in a Toyota Corolla. Of course it depends on the size of your car but with the pound so strong against the dollar right now I think you'll have some change left over from your original allowance.
P.S. Have you booked accom around or in Yellowstone already? Gets very full during the summer.
Good luck,