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I need some advice, my husband was arrested in Florida in 1997 for possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana when he was helping out a friend. The friend however testified that it was his stuff and charges were dropped against my husband. Since then my husband has travelled to the US almost every year on the VISA waiver program, he is a citizen of the UK but we live in Barbados. However on a trip to Mexico in 2006, he was stopped when entering Texas from Mexico by immigration officials and questioned in a room for hours (he had ticked no on the form as to ever being arrested/convicted) he was lucky and a senior immigration official allowed him to continue on to Florida and finish off his vacation, he told him to get it sorted when he got there. Since then he hasn't been back to the US but we would like to visit this Christmas, we just need to know if it is likely he will get through with his VISA and if so what documents we will need to have with us for the interview. We tried to request documents from Broward court showing that the case was dropped but for some reason we can't seem to find the case#.

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This question arrives on TP almost every week. One UK member related how her daughter's BF was denied entry because of an old drug charge in the UK. He arrive on 'visa waiver' and he also ticked 'no' on the arrest/conviction box. His fingerprint brought up the old arrest. He was put on a plane back to the UK. It appears that the US IMM. officials have access to the entire fingerprint data base of the US, UK & Canada. Any arrests/conviction is going to alert the officer. Several TP members from Canada have related how their old arrests/convictions in Canada have resulted in their being denied entry into the US. The reverse is also true. US TP members have been denied entry into Canada with old arrests/convictions. One told about a drug arrest from the 60s kept him on the boat while on a cruise to Alaska. Canada would not let him in on the visa waiver program. You can apply for a visa, pay some fees and get into Canada, but cannot use the visa waiver program. Ever since 9-11-01, Canada and the US have shared all records. As has the UK.

I think you need to contact the US Embassy in the UK and discuss his case. Perhaps they can solve this problem before you try to enter again on the visa waiver program. Good luck.

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I have a similar problem in that my husband has been granted a visa to work in the USA, unfortunately I went through a really hard time while working as a social worker in Scotland when I was stalked and threatened to be killed and ended up being agoraphobic but didn't realise it and was self medicating with alcohol for a short time and ended up deservedly with a drink driving conviction 7 years ago and have had to apply for a police certificate before I can even go for my visa interview. The Conselate told my husband that they didn't think it would be a problem but I am really ashamed and also worried about this so wondered if anybody on here could give me any words of advice or comfort ??