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1. Posted by BryanG (Full Member 19 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I have been using the site for years and love all the various functions. Since the upgrade to the mapping software though, I cannot get it to work. I build a trip just like I used to, and sometimes is saves, sometimes it doesn't. I have tried on various computers and clicked on every save button in the interface and I just can't get it to work so I can trust it - I have spent hours. I am about to give up, which is too bad, because I love my existing map- it shows the 100,000+ miles I have travelled over that past few years graphically - help!!

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 7008 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi Bryan, that's a shame to hear. Mostly it's working quite reliably now. Though we do still have quite a few bugs to get through before I'd really call it fully stable. Even so, the kind of thing you're describing is not something I've come across in recent versions.

Could you clarify a bit more so we can chase it down?

1. What browser (and version) are you using?
2. Are you *never* able to save? Or does it sometimes work? Just sporadically?
3. Is saving the only issue currently bothering you?
4. Are you accessing the site through the same internet connection, even when you are on different computers?

The more detail the better :)