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Hello all

So what happens if you dont rock up to the last leg of your RTW ticket. I've got a fair idea of the route (posted in other threads) we will take from London going RTW. But our end goal is to get back to Australia (where we are both from). So with starting a RTW ticket in London, it means we need to finish there, and then will be getting one way tickets back to Aus.

When i have been speaking to family and friends about the route, a few have said, why are you coming back to UK, why dont you just fly directly back from Delhi (our second last stop) to Australia. I usually answer with saying that its part of the ticket rules about starting and finishing in the same place. But thinking about it, what are they going to do, its not like its mid way through the trip and they will cancel the rest of our flights... The FAQ's on OneWorld dont really say, but then again they are not going to advertise the fact that you can skip the last leg.

Cheers in advance


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It depends on the airline as just recently numerous airlines have started bringing in rules regarding no shows. I know Singapore Airlines is one that charges you a few hundred dollars if you no show for your flight as I've received a few emails at work recently stating this. Malaysia Airlines is another that has sent emails through to travel agents warning about this. It is a risk you run as more and more airlines are coming on board with this. They hide it in the conditions that you automatically just say yes to without really reading them. If you booked it through a travel agent then if they get the bill because you don't turn up, you will have it charged to you. In the past it wouldn't have made the slightest bit of difference you would just have forfeited your ticket, but now it is a risk.

Sometimes in Europe you can buy a one way fare on some airlines like Lufthansa and it might be 300 Euros and then a return ticket is 100 Euro. Again if you booked a return ticket and just didn't turn up on the return leg, many airlines will bill you the difference that you would have paid had you booked the one way instead of the return.

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Cool, cheers mate (always full of good knowledge on these things), In all likelyhood we will return back to the UK to complete the RTW anyway just to say a final cherio to the family over here and everything before finally going back to Aus, so its not like it will actually come into our plans. It would be nice to give a reason when people ask us why, thats the main reason i was wondering if any of the experts on here know.

While i have got you 'on the line' so to speak... how long before your trip did you book your oneworld ticket. i posted this thread here as i was confused as to how you can book your oneworld tickets for a year when the flights are only available for a year ahead of time... Given that you have given me quite a bit of help with the OneWorld fares in the past, im interested as to what you did.

BTW, your help on fitting Easter Island into a RTW came in handy, as you said on one of my earliest posts, playing around to get a valid itinerary is a work of perserverance for sure!! :)

we have got ours to work based on the flights available this year for going
London -> Madrid-> Rio ->Easter Island (through Santiago) -> Lima (through Santiago) -> Mexico city -> Washington -> San Francisco -> LA -> Auckland -> Melbourne -> Perth -> Hong Kong -> Delhi -> London
However we are already likely to change HongKong for somewhere else like Bangkok or something as that makes it easier for the SE Asia overland travels.

Cheers again Allan!


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