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Anyone going to oz in Nov?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Anyone going to oz in Nov?

1. Posted by Liz83 (Budding Member 10 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!


I'm 27 & aiming to go travelling round oz for a year starting in melbourne in nov then working my way up the east coast. Having never travelled alone before I am v nervous about it & starting to doubt if I can even do it?
Is anyone else feeling like this?
Does anyone have any tips?
Also I am wondering if a suitcase is better than a backpack? Is it best to take laptop with you? Which oz bank accounts are best?

Lizzy xx

2. Posted by dan-l (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi Lizzy

there's no need worry yourself too much. You will be fine and have a great time.

I'm also heading out to Melbourne in a few weeks time on my own and have been feeling the nerves a little myself but i'm sure once out there and made a few friends those nerves will be long forgotten.

I have found this forum extremely useful for tips and reading through what others have been planning has been great motivation for myself to go as well.

with regards to luggage i think what is most important is what you are comfortable carrying and how much you intend to pack. if you pack way more than you need you may find it a pain lugging a big case or rucksack around. also bare in mind anything too big may not fit into lockers at hostels if security is important to you.

as for a laptop i am going to take a small netbook as i'm a bit of a geek and like my gadgets but a lap top would be handy for storing photos and safety with internet banking etc. I'm sure it would also be easy to get by without one though as there are loads of internet cafe's out there.

with bank accounts i'm going to be rubbish help as i must admit i'm not too sure on which is best. i believe Commonwealth and NAB seem to be the most popular but haven't decided which i'm going for yet.

hope i have help you out a little bit anyways

3. Posted by a.v.99 (Budding Member 83 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

heya heading out to aus in december, im just really exited to get out there!..i just wanna get on the plane and go tomorow lol

i agree with dan, your gonna be just fine..since ive been comming on this site ive found alot of us that are in the same situation..first time alone travelers and alot of people have had the same concerns as you, but wer're all gonna make new friends out there just fine. i think its gonna be harder for us not to make friends:)

what i recomend for you if your feeling quite nervous is just check out some traveling sites and you will see how easy it is to get around aus as a backpacker, and since we are from england too, there isnt gonna be a language barrier..although we might have to get some of the australian'isms lol..

personally i think taking a backpack is more practical, especially if your planning to be constantly on the move, and also depends on how much or less you are planning to planning on just taking the bare minimum and anything else i need i can just pick up out regards to a laptop, im gonna leave mine at home but pick up a cheap small one and a phone out there..i wouldnt say its essential to have one but im lost without one lol.

myself ive found the more i plan the more pops up into my head as in things to at the moment thinking about getting the various traveling discount cards that are on offer, and like dan ive not actually thought about a bank yet, so cant help on that one.

just go out there in confidence, with a open mind and im sure your gonna have the time of your life, just like im planning on doing.

if you want read some of my threads and comments and youll see your not on this boat alone. get in touch if you wanna chat and compare plans n all.