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Hey all!

i know there are probably loads of these threads, but im new to this so here goes.

Im trying to work out a budget for myself and my partner. we are looking to spend about 2 months in South America at the end of next year on our way to the UK.
we dont mind roughing it a bit and would like to see a few major sights along the way, but mainly just do some exploring.
Venezuela is a must, but would love to hear places that anyone could recommend??

If anyone can offer any advice that would be great.

we are kiwis and looking to find the nz dollar cost, but welcome all, as its not that hard for us to convert it ;)


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Hi Jimmy
I have never been to South America so i couldnt really give any advice. I would however love to go there. I know a girl in Colombia she is a friend of mine living in Medellin. She keeps asking me to go over but the cost to get there is high from the UK. However once your there it is really cheap apparently. My preferred choice would be Argentina. I think up north is a bit Rough (Guyana) Apparently is to be avoided. It would be a fascinating place to go though and i hope you have a good trip. Wish i was going.

All the best


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I'll keep this short because I've not been to South America yet! I'm a pom but been living in Nelson NZ for 5 years and I don't think there's anywhere that can beat the South island for Mountains, lakes, grand scenery, glaciers etc so I've been looking for other stuff, which is why I'm thinking not Chile or the South of Argentina on the first trip. I've been thinking of Peru which looks like it's got a huge variety of scenery and cultures: Old spanish colonial cities; Inca ruins; oddities like the NAscar lines; the Amazon basin; deserts and there is a train journey from Lima up into the Central mountains which looks like it would be great.

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Hey Jim,

There are many places in Venezuela i would recomend, for example: Los Roques, El salto angel, Roraima. the first mentioned goes for like 280 USD per day (drinks and food included). El salto angel, can cost you up to 350 USD per day because you have to take a helicopter to get there, so ive been told. And for roraima, you just have to get there by bus, only thing you may have to pay for is if you want a native to carry your bags up there!

Besides the places mentioned above, you can go to Mérida, Los llanos, Sucre, Morrocoy...there are in my opinion on the top spots here in Venezuela..there are other spots i know (if you are looking for nice beaches) which i could tell you how to get there if interested. they're cheap.

contacte me if more information needed. I live here in Caracas, gl

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Brazil is very diverse and has a lot to offer tourists. It is popular for carnivals, islands, beaches and rain forests. Rio is a great place to stay in Brazil with major attractions – beautiful coastline, nightclubs, Museum of Carmen Miranda, H.Stern Gem Museum, Rio Center, and festivals.

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Hi there! I have been travelling South America for a while, however not in Venuzuela or somewhere else in the North. I can tell you that Bolivia and Peru are pretty cheap and Chile is kind of expensive compared to them. It depends on your lifestyle how much your trip is going to cost.. -snip- good luck!

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We've just dont 5 months in South America. Have al look at our blog (go to our index page), we also add at the end of each country, a post of our expenses and accommodation used and explain what the costs were on. I hope it helps :)

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i think, south america is nice, i suggest starting your journey in Venezuela towards colombia, ecuador , peru, to end in Bolivia, of course if have better budget go to Brasil
or argentina. many backpackers follow this route. years ago i was in Ecuador and crossed
all the coast of my country - Peru . i live here in Lima, and i frequently visit other hidden places out of Lima. just contact me if need more info

good luck
your peruvian friend