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Hello Travellerspoint Community!

So. I've always wanted to work in the travel industry. I've travelled to Europe, USA, Australia and Asia.
When i came back from a year in Australia 2 years ago, to my home in Scotland. I applied to work for STA travel, Trailfinders and Flight Centre.
However i was unsuccesful, i was told i needed to do more traveling and i had no experience in a call centre.
Now im living and working as an English teacher in Tokyo for the past 1 1/2 years. I've always had to work wherever i travel to, and i want to continue traveling. It made me think although im doing more traveling, working in a call centre or having a headset on 8/9hrs a day, isnt what im looking for.
Although i dont know exactly what im looking for, i know i want a career travel related.
This post is asking for anyone with experience working in the travel industry, or has any useful tips or information regarding finding work related to the travel industry that isnt office based.
Seems quite vague i know. but theres a wide scope for anything anything at all related would be appreciated.
Take it easy fellow travellers...

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Maybe you could check out websites such as Wanderlust, they normally have a job information page in their magazines and website.

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There's a difference between a career that is travel related and a career that allows you to travel. Of course, a career in the travel industry can involve some travelling, but like you say, lots of the entry level jobs are in call centres and offices. Anyway, off the top of my head.

  • Air Host
  • Pilot
  • Tour Operator
  • Travel Photographer
  • Travel Writer
  • Professional Travel Blogger (yes, there are a few who make it work)

None of these are easy jobs to get. To be honest, I think teaching English in different countries is as good an option as any and that's what you're already doing. There are numerous places around the world where you can take that skill.

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If you're looking for a travel-related career, I think being a flight attendant is perfect. I know someone who has already traveled most of the countries in the WORLD just because she's working in a prestigious airline.

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A good starting point for anyone who is interested in working in the UK travel industry - is Holiday Hypermarket. They are a huge company. I started with them years ago - before setting up our own travel company with my colleagues. Just contact them on their website.
The opportunities are endless, once you've got your foot in the door.
Be prepared to start as near to the bottom as you can accept. As soon as you begin showing some ongoing gusto - you'll be pleasantly surprised where it can take you, literally.