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1. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

*The guidelines for the Travel Unravelled Q&A Series have been updated. Please read them so you are aware of these alterations. Thank you.

Hello Happy Travellerspoint Members!

Today, we are launching a new Travel Unravelled Blog Project - aptly named Travel Unravelled's Q&A. (Catchy, no?! The blog entries will have better titles. Promise.) Anyway, this is where you, the members, voice your personal opinions on a particular topic. A question will be asked. Everyone will have a finite time to answer. Those replies will then be complied, edited for grammar/spelling and published as a Travel Unravelled (TU) blog article.

For the moment, this thread is strictly being posted to explain the guidelines so those interested in participating will know what to expect. A TU blog entry with the same information will be posted soon and used as the true guidelines reference point. I do ask that you read the following carefully as Q&A threads will only be around for a short while and not open to general discussion within the body of the thread itself. So, here goes:


  • A Q&A thread will be posted (and stickied) in the General Talk Forum. (It will be obvious.)
  • A question on a single topic will be asked.
  • There is no time limit in receiving responses.
  • Answers can be posted in the thread or be sent as a PM to Foundation.
  • All non-relevant comments will just be deleted from the thread.
  • Once an adequate number of replies have been posted to create an informative blog entry, the thread will be 'unsticked' but remain open to comment.

As each Q&A thread is 'unstickied' it will move down the forum list and onto the back pages. Because of this, once a blog entry has been created, a link to the blog entry (with short description) will be place in the (stickied) Travel Unravelled Q&A Sessions Unleashed thread in General Talk, which is right here! You'll be able to click the links, see yours and everyone else's responses. As time goes, we may add links to other pertinent blogs and threads.

Thank you in advance for your participation!


  • By responding to any Q&A question, you are giving Foundation (aka Isadora) and Travel Unravelled permission to reproduce your reply in the TU Blog area.
  • All participants will have their contributions linked back to their TP Profile or personal blog (if hosted by TP).
  • Each published Q&A blog entry will create a $5.00 donation for the Travellerspoint Foundation and used to make loans at
  • For more information about the TP Foundation, please visit: OUR TWO CENTS WORTH... (Give Us Your Money Good Will Around The World Project).

[ Edit: Updated Guidelines ]

2. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Due to a technical error not long ago, there were some issues with trying to post in a stickied thread. Thanks to Peter's keen eye and hands, that problem has been remedied. (Yeah, Isa - we see that.)

Anyway, it was the plan to connect this thread to the TU Q&A blog posts as they were published. So, if you have missed the previous entries, here they are:

1) Speak Up! I Can't Hear You! What is your travel advice?

2) Underwear? Check. Passport? Check. Hair Straighteners? No! What do you pack?

3) A Mocha Latte, A Muffin and Some WiFi, Please. Take a computer with you?

4) We only received one reply so no #4... This question has now been answered - see #7!

5) Travelers Checks: Don't Leave Home Without Them - Or Maybe.. How do your handle your money?

6) Again, we only received one reply so no #6... We will re-explore this one at a later date also. (It was good too.) This question has now been answered - see #9!

7) Let The Stars Be Your Guide Travel guidebooks vs. internet? What do you use? (This was the original Q&A #4.)

8) Yup - we only received one reply so no #8... Sometimes the magic works and sometimes I'm outa luck. :(

9) Beware of Darkness - Cell Phones Take them or not? (This was the original Q&A #6.)

10) Me?? Travel?? (Or, shitless in Seattle.) Have the travel jitters? There's help on the horizon.

Check back as each new entry in the blog will also be linked in this thread. ;)

[ Edit: Edited blog list ]

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