Researching destinations for such a long trip.

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Hi there
Just a quick question out there on the level of planning other RTW’ers have done on their trips. Now I know there have been millions of posts about how far to plan in advance and everything, so im hoping that my question is a little different from all of those.

So the reason I have the question is that we are going through a bit more of a detailed planning session at the moment. By that mean that we are starting to list down all the ‘potential’ things we want to do/see in south America on the first 5 months of the trip. We are definitely hoping to be spontaneous enough when we are travelling (ie only have our next couple of days planned in, and the rest is still open) but with a few ‘definites’ that we are planning in such as Antarctica/treks/sites that we don’t want to miss we are shaping them into our broad plans of the 5 months.

The bit that seems a little daunting is that with South America being the first stop on the trip we are focussing solely on that at the moment, and the thought of planning NA/NZ/SE Asia/India as well kind of makes the head hurt a little…

As I mentioned, im not referring to the detailed ‘we will go here then bus to there and then see this’ type of planning but more the researching time and everything. I am starting to find a good bit of information for Sth America with plenty of research and there is lots to take in still, I just have a fear that we will leave South America having really immersed ourselves in the continent and feeling like all the important things to us have been achieved, but particularly for the last 5 months of the trip get to Aisa and end up missing out on some really interesting and magical things because we haven’t done the in depth research of the countries?

I don’t know, maybe im overthinking all of this. I know there are those people out there who advocate the ‘travel with no plans’ method which im happy to embrace partially, but I like to research a destination to understand what there is on and off the well trodden trail. Can you research the next destinations on the road, or are you so engrossed in the place that you are at that time, that thinking about the country that you are visiting 4 months down the line is just not reasonable?

Interested to hear the experiences of those who have ‘been there, done that’ as to the varying degree of research done considering the length of proposed travel and how broad the planning was for the different segments of your trip. ie:
- pre departure
- during travel - for future destinations
- during travel - while in the country

Anyway, just putting it out there and thankful for any responses.
Its not the worst thing in the world tho is it - worrying about how you are going to spend a year on the road...

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Hey Dan,

I just came back from an around the world trip last year, and I have to say, beyond the flight I didnt plan anything until I landed in each place. I found I couldn't think beyond the immediate place either.. and Im not a planner.

I dont think you miss out on anything this way, infact quite the opposite, you get chatting to people about routes theyve done and their highlights and it soon falls into place, dependant on the time you have to do it..

When I arrived in a South America for example, I had no idea what I was planning on doing, I just knew I was flying into Buenos Aires and out of Rio, so on a very bumpy flight from Buenos Aires to Iguazu, I planned the whole trip with my Lonely Planet, and although I didnt stick to that itinerary exactly it was a good guide that a researched in less than 2 hours!

Happy Travels :) South America is AMAZING!!


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I agree with Fran,

dont spend too much time planning ahead before you go except for flights, visas, shots and perhaps first night or 2 in a new place. Other than that, just plan it as you go eg a night or two before your next destination. (although more like 2-4weeks ahead is recommended for cheaper flights)