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Hello All,
I am a first-year student at the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University). The reason I am posting on here is because I need the help of all you seasoned travelers to Slovenia AND Slovenians on this forum.

Every year, second-year students at my business school lead trips to different parts of the world for our new students. Typically, five 2nd year students lead a group of 20 new first-year students. This is an amazing tradition as it it shapes the first experience that students have when they join business school. It also fosters a sense of community and bonding through a fun-filled adventure in another country. So far, never in the history of our school, has a trip been led to Slovenia. This summer, before joining business school, I had the opportunity to backpack through Croatia, Bosnia, Poland, and parts of Germany and Czech Republic. I usually finish every trip with a sense of lingering guilt - the guilt stems from the place/country I missed on the trip. This time, that place was Slovenia. During my trip this summer, I found myself feeling a sense of envy towards anyone either going to Slovenia or having just returned from there.

Now, this time, four of my classmates and I are working on submitting an application to lead a trip of new students to Slovenia next August. I know that is a long time away but our deadline for the trip plan submission is November 18 - just ten days away. The process is very competitive since only a fixed number of trips get selected. Hence, I need all your help in planning my trip itinerary. My dates are fixed and are definitely not flexible since we have to plan our trip in accordance with the school calendar.

Our group will leave Chicago on August 20 and we have to return to Chicago latest by the night of August 27. That is basically 5 full days and six nights. We will arrive on a Sunday morning and will probably have to leave by the following Sunday morning. Since, this is the first time, a team is proposing to travel to Slovenia, I want it to be an amazing trip that captures culture, nightlife, and outdoor activities.

Right now, I am thinking of a trip that combines the following:

a) Ljubljana
b) Lake Bled
c) Poskojna Caves
d) Piran

Now, I have a few questions for all of you.

a. Is it possible to fit all of the above in six days?

b. As part of our trip, we have to do a half-day of community service in the country we visit. Do you have any ideas as far as organizations we can reach out to work out some arrangement for a local community service project that we can volunteer for?

c. Is there an order in which you recommend we visit the destinations listed above?

d. What are the best nights for nightlife in Ljubljana?

I realize this is a long message but I could really avail of your help. Looking forward to getting MANY replies to this message. Thank you all in advance!!!


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I offer you to visit the nice town of Maribor north east from Ljubljana! This is the second largest town in Slovenia.

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