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Hey all,

I'm looking at booking tickets for train from KL to BKK for Jan 2011. I've looked at one website in particular, seat61, and it has many routes and pricing etc.

I'm not 100% sure I follow how it works. From what I gather I need to buy a ticket from the train station then will have to change trains a number of times, and for some of these train changes will need a new ticket?

But if for example I purchase a 1st class ticket this may not be valid when I switch trains? It's probably just me, but it's a little confusing trying to read the timetables!

Also, if I can get a return ticket or will I need to leave this until when I will be returning to KL?

I'm hoping someone who has done this route may be able to shed some light on the whole thing?

Anything at all will be very much appreciated!!!

Sorry if this sounds a bit's a reflection of me!

Thanks in advance,


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There is no direct train from KL to BKK. From KL to BKK by train, you will 1st travel from KL to Butterworth in Penang within Malaysia. This ride will have 1st class ticket.

The train from Butterworth to BKK has no VIP/1st class ticket. The best it has over night sleeper in AirCondition.
From Butterworth, you will have a train to BKK but stop in many places along the Southern Gulf of Thailand - i.e. Hatyai, Surat Thani, Chumphon, HuaHin, etc. It is what they called "SP Express Rapid Rail". There are 2 trains daily only travel from Butterworth to BKK. After Butterworth, you will also have to get off at the border for immigration custom checking.

Due to heavy rain poured last 3 weeks, many northern cities in Malaysia and southern cities in Thailand are flooded. This no doubt will affect the train track.

I will advise you only buy your ticket when you are here in Malaysia KL train station, check out the new time and availability is not so bad for the next day seat.

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As I've learn (informal information) the price for BK to KL is 45USD and the way back is 65USD. I don't know why the cost is different while the distance is not! further more, I don't know how long does it take as well as how many train trips a day.I don't think there's any direct train between BK-KL. It means that passengers have to get on and off the train few times before getting to either KL or BK. Thus, you can't be sure the arrival time!

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take a flight....the malaysian train system is rubbish...i tried it a few weeks back and it took 8 hrs for a 3hr journey by land in a car....

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oh... Malaysian train system really that rubbish? i have planned to take a train to Hatyai next month..

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Quoting carlsum198

take a flight....the malaysian train system is rubbish...

Bwa, Malaysian (and Thai) trains are ok, and you're able to see some of the scenery along the way, instead of the seat in front of you while taking a flight

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well, I am a Malaysian here, been to >100 places around the world. If Malaysian train system is rubbish, then the person has not been around enough.

everyone in Malaysia know the train will take much much longer than by car/bus, most time double the time, because the train needs to stop in many small towns/kampongs...still like the old days.

as I said, it is not "direct". in fact, it is one of the recommended way of travel because you will not see the small towns/villages if you travel by car/bus. the train is still going through the Malay "Kampong".

i like to respect people and be respected. traveling is very individual, some like slow, authentic and take it easy. some like other ways, but once we dis-respect the local, there is pointless to travel.

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I agree, I've travelled around using the train system in Malaysia and Thailand and found it to be perfectly fine. No problems at all. I travelled from Singapore to KL and then Hat Yai up to Bangkok and onto Chang Mai.

I really enjoyed seeing the world going on as I travelled on by on the train, also it is a great way to meet locals, especially if you happen to get a third class train which I had to do on one short journey. But as the above post states, I can totally understand that it is up to the individual, some like to what the world go pass on 'slower' modes of transports, where as some opt for the faster and more expensive choice of flights.

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