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Lots of Q's for travelling across Europe/Travelling alone?

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Lots of Q's for travelling across Europe/Travelling alone?

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I graduate from university in the summer of 2011. For the past couple of years I've been planning my Round The World trip with my boyfriend. Unfortunately we broke up a few weeks ago, so obviously this trip can't happen. I'm determined not to let this ruin my dreams and have decided to still go travelling, but to do it alone!

I had planned to visit SE Asia/Australia/etc, the stereotypical travel locations but now that I'll be doing this on my own I feel quite intimidated about these places, I therefore came up with the idea of going to Europe instead, or at least starting there and seeing how it goes, and maybe going further afield later on. Living in the UK it's right on my doorstep, I've been to so many holidays there, speak a lot of the languages, that I just feel more comfortable and it doesn't seem as scary.

I'm planning on going for about 3 months, mainly travelling by rail, occasionally some flights, basically whatever is cheapest! I wanted to do this trip by booking my first flight out of London, and my first few nights accommodation, and that's it! I want to be able to go wherever I want, whenever I want and not worry about being tied to plans! I know that everyone is different and people will have different opinions on this, but as I am someone who is very organised and likes to plan everything out, I am a bit worried about doing this! How exactly would it work? Would I just stay in a hostel, and when I'm ready to move on, have a look online, book another one wherever I want to go and move on? Would this add a lot of stress to the travelling? I don't want to spend half my trip wrestling online trying to find places to stay! Are most places easy to reach by train, as I don't want to rent out a car or anything?

I am also quite scared about the security aspects. I'm female, 22, only 5'1'' and weigh about 100lbs! As you can see I'm quite small and I feel a bit worried about the safety aspects, especially as I am so little, it's not like I'm a huge, intimidating male! Can any of you give any tips about how to stay safe, put my mind at ease? I don't want to not travel just because I'm small, but it IS the thing that worries me the most at the moment!

I know that Europe is one of the more expensive places to travel to. I'm not fussy and will stay at super cheap hostels, eat cheap food, etc, I don't want to spend a huge amount of money! I have £10,000 originally saved up for my round the world trip, and I know that I won't spend that much, but how much, roughly, do you think I could live on if I live on the bare essentials only. I've read somewhere about £1000 a month, is that accurate, or can you bring this price down? I guess it mainly depends where I want to travel to. I do want to spend more time in northern and eastern europe than western europe as I've done that countless times on holiday before, so hopefully that will bring the price down.

Thanks for reading this and thank you for any help you can offer! I'm sure I'll have hundreds of questions over the next few months! :)

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"Europe...I've been to so many holidays there" can you be more specific, western europe is still a big place? I suppose you don't want to repeat to much... Is it in summer that you want to travel? Or you can do it after mid September? As you know coastal destinations are crowded and expensive in the summer...
I usually travel with the flight tickets booked out and in, 1 or 2 nights booked on arrival and sometimes on departure. In general in europe I find it very easy to go from one side to the other and arrange accommodation locally, most of the times I use the local tourist offices to collect the infos about hotel/B&B/hostel, etc and as the day goes by I do reservations by phone or internet depending where I am. Do you know Before leaving I do a search of what's interesting and then compare it locally and ask some tips.
The difference is that usually we are at least 2 women, but even so there are certain destinations that I didn't do this way for the same exact reasons that you are afraid I've buyed a travel agency package (Russia and Jordan).

3. Posted by hhhhhhhhhhappy (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi, thanks for your response and advice :)

As for holidays where I have been... I've pretty much done all of Spain and Portugal, so am not too interested about repeating that. I've also done a lot of France and Italy, as well as a lot of the spanish and greek islands. I think I'd like to focus on the Northern and Eastern parts of Europe but as I haven't had a chance to properly sit down and look at destinations then I can't name specific places yet.

I was planning on leaving mid-July. I know this will make it more expensive and crowded, but I'd much rather do it while it's nice and sunny and in summer :)

4. Posted by 64novpt (Budding Member 10 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I've done Iceland (before the volcano...) it was easy to find accommodations, but the distances between each place are long. In the summer they convert winter students accommodations into a sort of hostels. Also done north Finland and north of Norway (the objective was Cape North) also long distances between each place. The cheapest one was Finland, and also the same conversion of winter students accommodations into a sort of hostel. Why not start in Helsinki you'll even have easy access to countries like Latvia by ferry.