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1. Posted by ABoca (First Time Poster 1 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!


I want to know if someone knows a cheap way to call to China.My daughter will travel for the next 6 months over some major cities in China.I tried to see the prices for AT&T and Sprint but they charge a lot for a minute to China and also I am forced to sign for the long-distance-service.

Do you know of something less expensive and that does not involve bills?


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I reckon you should check out the deals on all the different international phone cards. Some are better than others and can offer specific discount rates on certain countries.

You don't receive any bills with them but they do get used up fast if you call mobile phones.

Otherwise emails are the way forward or MSN messenger will let you chat online although the time difference may mean late nights/early mornings

Hope this helped!

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you can use the icq or yahoo message , in china your daughter can easyly to use computer in internet . many network bar in every city ,and there is very cheap for use it !

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we have a card called China One here in Canada which is really cheap, it's even cheaper than China domestic calls. Check it with some Chinese shops there, they might have it in US too

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Calling cards are the best deal by far... I happened to use some a few months ago when I went on a trip to Greece and I got some for my family from -snip- The quality was good and my folks didn't complain when I got back... :) I haven't used them for a while since I didn't need to call (although I migh soon) but you can search to see what they have for China. Best of luck!

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Sorry Claire, but it would seem there has been a lot of spamming going on around various forums for this company. As you're a first time poster, I've had to delete the website in question. Please note our rules on promotional postings.


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i would recommend to anyone wanting to call in china. charge is 3 cent a minute and nothing additional fees. been using for long time now. also to call to usa for 1.9 cents.

i got free $7.25 added to my account on my first sign up and it was like a months inventory of minutes to call. lol

hope this helps.

are there any chinese students here doing Phd. in statistical analysis ?

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I use this well known company
No fee tax,PIN and bonus on sign up. :)

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Looks like the forum monitor didn't catch all the calling card promoters!

Anyway, when we were on our trip, we called the US using skype. I took my computer with us and when we had a good connection, we just called home via skype. There are many VOIP type of services out now & you and your daughter could choose one and use that to call. If you both use a computer - basically calling computer to computer it's free (for skype that is - can't vouch for the other services). Free is good. Many of the computers in internet cafes have these programs already loaded. But then again, some cities didn't appear to "allow" this type of service - it's like that in China - some things are allowed, some aren't.

Anyway, it's just a thought I'm throwing out there for ya.

Good luck,