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I am doing the Inca Trail and was wondering do i buy my own toilet paper and take it with me on the trail? and with the showers because you can only take the minimum do people take their towels? or are they provided on the trail? should i take a pair of bathers if i decide to shower as i have read some showers are shared?......i've never gone to south america but i'm hoping it will be a safe and wonderful trip.!

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I didn't do the famous Inca Trail but I would definitely bring toilet paper. In my mind it is one of the best things to carry when travelling as there is nothing worse than when you need it and its not there. I even carry it in western countries.

I would also take bathers (perhaps even walk in them - quick dry shorts if you're a guy) cause you never know if an opportunic dip will arise and a microfibre travel type towel.

South America is awesome and machu pichu is amazing. Youll love it! Have fun.

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I have done the Inca trail many times as tour leader. You should bring both, toilet paper and a towel. 1 roll should be enough, in case of emergency -stomach illness- you can buy a new roll on the first campsite.

Regarding the towel, bring a microfibre travel type towel. You will use it only once because there are showers only on the 2nd (extremely cold water only) and 3rd campsite (warm water available if you pay 2-3 dollars). Also, if you have time, you may want to go to the hot springs in Aguas Calientes after visiting Machu Picchu.

Finally, bring a bather or swing suit for the showers and hot springs.

Have a safe trip,

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Hi, I have been in the inca trail lots of times, I´m native Peruvian tour guide from Cusco, concerning your questions, the answer is yes!! You have to take your own toiletries; no tour operator can provide toilet paper or towel. But if you do not want to carry your thing you may pay for a porter (a guy who can carries your back pack) so you cannot be worried about the weight, but porters can carry only 15 k. about porter availability you need to contact your tour operator. About toilet there several toilets on the way, nothing fancy, only a hole in the ground, there is a place for shower, the 3rd night where you can hire a towel. Good luck with your trip other advice thing for the trek you can find at my site: -snip-
cheers Wilbert.

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Hi there,

Preferably it would be nice if you would be able to bring your own toilet paper and towel much to your preference. So as to do away with the hassles and inconvenience you will be encountering through your trail. Have a nice time.