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Traveling alone to Oz around Feb/Mar 2011,help & advice pls

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Traveling alone to Oz around Feb/Mar 2011,help & advice pls

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11. Posted by sunnypie (Budding Member 12 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

elley -

when I was in Sydney I stayed at an amazing hostel called "Wake Up!" This is their website:
I stayed in a 6 bed girls dorm and I think I paid about $30 a night, but that was in 2007 and I just checked - it has gone up to $38 now (£23.66). That is quite expensive for a hostel, I'd say Australian hostels usually average $20-25 a night, but then Wake Up! has a great atmosphere and I met some brilliant people there, the facilities are the best I have ever seen in any hostel. If you just stay there for your first week while you get used to Aus and hostel living, you'll have a great time. Then you can always stay in cheaper hostels afterwards. Also remember that the more people in the dorm, the cheaper it'll be. I.e. 10 people sharing at Wake Up! costs $32 per night.
The weather can vary across Australia from May-August but in general I'd say it's like a nice English late-spring/early summer's day... t-shirts acceptable but possibly need a light jacket or hoodie too, kind of weather! I found it to be hotter in the north and cooler in the south. I worked in the south-west in June/July time and I had to buy extra layers as it got really chilly. But when I went to Cairns in August it was humid and almost 30 degrees. I didn't stay in Australia during their summer time so didn't get to experience the REALLY hot temperatures! I only remember it raining heavily twice when I was there, which is insane compared to the amount it rains here! Although they have recently had terrible flooding, so I guess it changes year to year.

Dave.G -

I got work in a pub through an agency in Perth called "the Job Shop" which is in the backpacker part of Perth called Northbridge. Check out their website:
They have loads of jobs in different areas and are so helpful. They have computers you can use too. My pub job was in a town 10 hours south of Perth - amazing and one of the best experiences I have ever had.
As you're a guy you might be interested in some more intense kind of jobs like farming/factory work/harvest work? Or is that just really sexist of me?! I think if you put the hours in with those sorts of jobs you could make more money than pub/bar work. Although I got paid $14 per hour in the pub and got free food and accom which was brilliant. All depends what you're willing to do and how strong you are physically..and mentally! I met lots of girls who tried fruit picking/harvest work for a few days then gave up as it was backbreaking and they only got paid per container filled not per hour.

Hope that was useful to you! Amy :-)

12. Posted by halovina (Budding Member 3 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

hello everyone,
wow, so nice everyone is planning for aussie travel, I must say Australia is a nice place, I went there backpacking on April 2009 by myself, at Sydney I stay at a friend's house so I cannot recommend any Sydney hostel but in Adelaide I stay at a hostel name "Sunny's", nice place and friendly staff plus you get free pancake for breakfast and free coffee/tea/milk during all day long, and it is very close to the central bus station just around 3 minutes walk, located in the middle of the city too.
Met a lot of nice friendly people there, price is okay too, I forget how much though, if you visit Adelaide try to go for a tour to Kangaroo island, it is so beautiful there, try an adventure tour it is more fun I think, you can book the tour at the central bus station, tour also begins there.
If you are looking for a work, try to ask people in your hostel or looking for ads there, many are offering free stay plus meal for work I remember see some ads at the hostel and some of my German room mates are also working, I did not ask their work detail though cause I am only staying for 2 weeks.
Hope the information is useful

oh, yes skyecamp, you mention that you are also traveling to Asia, where are you planning to go? I am from Indonesia, if you plan to visit Indonesia maybe I help you with information? let me know if you are interested

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