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Has anybody travelled from the UK to Bangkok with Emirates before?
The cheapest flights that I can find for next May/June to Thailand are with Emirates.
However, I went on the seatguru website and saw that the Boeing 777 aircraft with Emirates only has a 17" width seat pitch. That seems absolutely ridiculous to me for a long haul flight. I am a very tall girl and travelled with Thomsons Airways this summer to Greece. Their seat width was EXACTLY THE SAME - 17" - and it was HORRIFIC. Far too narrow. I could hardly fit into the seat. My parents are tall too and they were in pain like me.
Out of interest I measured my very slim size 8 friend and found that she would need 15 inches seat width to be "comfortable" and not everyone (including me!) is lucky enough to be as slim as my friend.
Are the seats actually that bad? Or are there other tall people who have had a good experience with Emirates? I know the legroom is OK it's just the seat width I am worried about as I have had operations on my back and sitting in cramped conditions aggrivates it.
Or should I be starting my cabbage and water diet now??!!
Any info anyone has is much appreciated,

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I only flew with Emirates one time and it was from Hong Kong and I thought they were pretty good.

Maybe this info can help you.

As far as seat width goes one thing I avoid is seats that have trays that come out of the armrest. These are usually seats in front of walls or any seat that does not have a seatback in front that has your tray attached. The channel/slot that the tray is stored in takes around an inch off of your side to side butt room.

I fly often, longer hauls than you do from the US. I fly with the same airline all the time accruing miles to keep me in "elite" status. Being in this "elite" category (most of the time only a minimum of 25,000 miles with the same carrier is required) means you can choose your seats ahead of time. Some airlines reserve better seats for their "elite" frequent flyers. If you fly frequently and have been flying on whatever airline available providing it was a few pounds cheaper you might have lost more by not racking up frequent flyer miles for free flights in the future or free upgrades. Elite status also allows you use a shorter line when checking in and to board the plane first with the business class passengers.

I am probably wider and heavier than you but I still manage to fit between the armrests with space to spare. Knee room is something that concerns me more. When I get to my seat I immediately remove all of the magazines and sales junk that is in the pocket, only keeping the emergency card. I throw the pocket junk in the overhead storage. This gives me an inch more knee room and a place for my junk. (Don't wear thick-bulky clothing that eats into your seat width.)

Oh yeah, seats with walls behind you or emergency windows may not recline fully! With an emergency window behind you they limit your recline so that the seat back doesn't affect egress in an emergency.


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Thank you!! :-)

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If your flying with Emirates from London or Manchester you have the chance to fly on the Airbus A380 to Bangkok. The A380 has an 18" wide seat. An inch bigger than the 777. I don't know if thats going to make much difference for you but its a slighty bigger seat.

Stopping in DXB allows you to strech your legs for a while and get back the A380. (And don't worry they don't have Rolls Royce engines!)

As mentioned by Karazyal, collecting your airmiles by signing up to skywards is always a good idea. On your next flight you may be able to upgrade to Business class for one of sectors.

Have fun!

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Hi there! If you're looking for cheaper flights, try to book your tickets during weekdays also return during weekdays. I've looked for flights during those times and you can get flights as low as 450 pounds to 500 pounds to and fro. You can try looking for online cheap flights. also try Etihad airways, Royal Brunei airlines, Qatar Airways.

Hope my answer helps! Enjoy your trip!
Zzdri (Stayinroom)

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