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1. Posted by N1U9F8C7 (Budding Member 47 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Worst thing you've ever done in your life?

is for me!!

Cant enjoy it whatsoever!!

travelling with 3 sort of close friends (not that close), 2 girls and one other male!

fort it would be quite fun, but really isnt and have to do whatever they all want to do...what do u suggest...should i split and do it on my own?

I'm not shy, but not amazing at holding conversation with new people and that sort of thing!

Im having an ok time at the moment...but i know i should be having a better time, but at the same time i know its harder for me to go out on my own at night to drink and meet new people as some find it!

please help, as this is a sticky situation i find myself in right now!

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5790 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Travelling with other people is always really difficult. Things I'd recommend:

  • Plan more activities in advance, and make certain there's something in those plans for everyone. (You might first have to have a conversation with your friends about you currently not enjoying the way things are going. Be honest - they're your friends, and should be able to imagine themselves in your place.) You'll have to make compromises, and if all three other people are your opposites with activities they like, you can expect the majority of time to be not your cup of tea - but if you discuss things beforehand, that at least means you'll still get 25% of the time doing your kind of activity, rather than being overruled by 3-1 100% of the time.
  • When possible, split off for a couple of hours. "Okay, we'll all meet back at the hostel at six." Try for this to not always be you doing one thing, and the other three another thing (e.g. see if there's an activity you want to do which at least one of the others is also keen on), but accept it if that's the way it'll turn out. (This is much easier to do when in a city than when in the middle of nowhere, especially when you have a shared car, but even then there's usually options.)

If the trip is longer than a month or so, and things don't improve with the above two suggestions, then yeah, strike off in a direction of your own. You can still try to meet up with your friends again every so often, but really, solo travel is the way to go anyway. And there's plenty of other solo travellers in hostels and guesthouses, who'll all be much easier to meet and talk to when you're not in the company of friends.

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Go. You have probably figured out it's not hard to meet people on the road. Pick a place you want to go. If they want to follow, cool. If not cool.


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I think you should split off from them and do your own thing. You have the opportunity of a lifetime and should be spending it just how you want to, not doing what other people want to do! I have done a lot of my travelling alone for that reason - I really like to be my own boss and hate missing things or spending time doing things I don't really want to do. I'm quite a shy person but never had a problem meeting other travellers as there are always loads of people in the same situation.

I know it's not easy addressing this subject with close friends, but I think you have to think of yourself as you don't want to have regrets in the future, which you will if your trip isn't as good as it could have been. Perhaps they are feeling the same about travelling in a group so they might be happy to go off on their own too. As Rasheed said, you could still give them the option to come with you- that way if they choose not to it's more of a joint decision rather than you being the one to break away.

Good luck!

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You can split if you really feel that you can enjoy without them. But its really tough to enjoy alone. Join some other travel group may be that would give you more chances to explore.

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Yup I agree with the others...split off and go off on your own! I was in a similar situation when I traveled with friends a few years the end they drove me insane and i had a rubbish time! I since have traveled on my own...met way more people and had a way better time!! good luck!!;)

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I agree with bex and others.
This should be a trip of a lifetime for you. You really don't want to regret others 'holding you back". And don't worry- if you are even a bit outgoing, which it sounds like you are, you will meet more than enough people when you are doing what YOU want to be doing.

My personal experience- I have been on 3 major multi-month backpacking trips in my life- The first , I started out with 2 other guys, and actually split off on my own about half way through- And had an amazing time once I did.
The last two I didn't make the same mistake and traveled "alone"- Alone being not quite accurate because invariably I was traveling with some common people for several weeks at a time when our plans matched. If on a given day we wanted to do different things- no problem. This did make trekking trips a bit more fun, going along with people you had met on the way. But eventually it was always fun to split off, and meet some other new people.

I think in a way some people may think it a bit of a stigma to be traveling 'alone'. But frankly I loved it. That may just be me, but it sounds like there are many others that feel the same.

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