First time travelling very nervous! Do we have enough cash?

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Me and my boyfriend leave for thailand in two weeks!! I am so nervous! Neither of us have travelled before. I rushed into booking some cheap flights to bangkok but now im unsure we will have enough money. we are spending 2 nights in bangkok then taking a flight to krabi spending a week around there phi phi island etc then onto koh samui for 3 weeks, so away for a total of about a month. we only have about 27,000thb each so about 54,000thb in total. 600thb each a day. we have only booked half the hotels so i still have about two weeks of hotels to book in koh samui. anyone have any tips or know if we will have enough cash for basic food, water etc. we do not intend to go out partying as we both work in bars so have done enough drinking to last a lifetime lol. also if anyone has any tips or info on bangkok, krabi,phi phi island or koh samui it would be much apreciated, thankyou very much :-) xxx

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I personally think your are going to find it difficult to live on 600 baht a day. It's possible but it going to effect the quality of your trip quite signignificantly.

As neither of you have travelled before your'e gona need your thinking caps on! From the moment you land in BKK people will try to over charge/scam you on alot of things. Especially taxi fares and such... If anyone approches you to sell you somthing just simply say no thank you!

As soon as your booked hotel accomadation has ended it would be wise to stay at hostels to save money. It will be good to experience two weeks in hotels and then the other two in hostels as this will ease you into Thailand more gently. Don't bother booking in advance.

I suggest you take public buses rather than tuk tuk's or taxi's unless you can share the costs with some other travellers.

When you can, try to buy food from local supermarkets or street stalls to keep your costs down.

You may not want to party now but the time you get Thailand and saoking up the party atmosphere I'm sure your'll both want too. If this is the case just get drunk at a your hostel or beach on cheap beer and spirits from seven11 or head to the local bars half cut.. Your'e be so hungover and sick the next day you wont want to eat!!

It would be wise to get more money together before you depart, even if you have to borrow it somehow.

I'm sure you will have a great time as Thialand is a great place to travel.

Have fun.


Don't forget to get your jabs!

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I am travelling through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam on $30 Aus a day. That includes, accommodation, food and activities.

I am Backpacking thought, so for you guys it may be abit tight but you will still have loads of fun, especially with the low budget. you will have to haggle extra hard and you will have lots of fun while doing it. See if you can borrow money from parents just in case you need it, you don't want to skimp out on some amazing experiences.

Have loads of fun!

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Hi there! I've been to thailand numerous times, for 600 bht thats quite tight but if you plan well it is ok. As for the hotels you have not booked yet, dont go for the expensive 4 or 5 star luxury hotels just go for the cheap but good hotels. But be careful with your belongings even the hotel staff might steal them. so just leave clothings behind. Krabi is a little bit expensive as compared to Bangkok so try to bargain with them. best time to bargain is when they just open their stalls in the morning. so its quite early. but you will get the best bargain. food is quite cheap around Thailand just be careful of the stalls you might get food poisoning. see if the stalls are clean and kept tidy. if you tend to shop do it in Bangkok. Money wise keep the rest of your money in a money pouch and put away what you think you need for shopping and food for the day, so you only need to take out that daily cash amount and not your whole stash. also just in case, bring along your atm card if you run low on cash.

Have fun exploring Thailand! Krabi and Phi Phi Island are very beautiful.
Zzdri (Stayinroom)

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Have you considered couch surfing at all?

With the money you have, it may be tight so I would look for places to save a bit of cash on your accommodation so you have money for the more fun things :).