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Does anybody know the best place to apply for a 6 month multiple entry Indian visa? I hear Bangkok works but on the outsourced companies website there is a post about only issuing 3 month single entries from now on to foreign nationals. Anybody gone to China to do this? I will be there anyway.

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For tourist visa is six-months in India and you can apply via their website.Indian Embassy and Consulates in the United States outsource their visa application process to Travisa Visa Outsourcing.
You can google it for your detail because i can not post the site URL here.

hope this help

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Yeah I know about Travisa...they are a bit of a stickler on documents, though. They require a utility bill with your address, which has to match your state ID. I have never had a utility bill in my name and I bounce around a lot; don't most other travellers as well? I can't imagine the hordes of desert pant/henna wearing hippie travellers all have electric bills.

So I'm trying outside of the states and I assume they would need my passport as well. I heard back from the Indian consulate in Kuala Lumpur and they said it would probably be rejected.

Indian visas in China are handled by VFS global and it does sound like I can get one through them, in Guangzhou, just in case some one else was in the same situation. Can't be sure. The Bangkok consulate company says that only 3 month single entry visas were being issued.

It's interesting because getting actual visas always seems so hard on paper; many restrictions etc. I thought getting a Chinese visa in Thailand would be hard and it was easy as pie. I wasn't asked about onward travel or made to provide any references, or proof of funds. I recommend Chiang Mai by the way.

Well if any one else reads this post and has info, let me know k?

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We live in Shenzhen and applied for an Indian visa in Hong Kong. Because we did not have Hong Kong residency we had to pay extra to have our details confirmed (we have Australian passports) and they also said that we could only get a three month single entry visa.