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Hey guys,

Long time since i've posted but knew i'd come back here if and when in need, which is now. i am currently in Bristol to suss out if i want to move here for a bit. I'm lucky enough that i have a friend that runs a pub so am living here. My friend is also new to the area but we socialise in different circles. I really want to get a feel for the place and am hoping that i will like it, no pressure haha.

I just wondered if anyone knew of nice bars to go, shopping centre's etc. or things to do. i'm in eastville i believe, just outside broadmead, which i think i will be doing a lot of shopping there! Not gt a car yet so still need to suss out public transport. I like to be independant and not rely on my friend to give me lifts everywhere and to be stuck to his work patterns.

I came at the wrong time i think, in between xmas and new year. I thought bristol had a lot going on but found that everywhere was closed bank hol. was a terrible night out and made me think twice. The taxi drivers dont even know where they are going and are rude. Didnt instill a lot of confidence thats for sure. maybe its not like that and i just happened to be out on the wrong night.

Work is not a problem and i know i will meet people that way but while i am here for a few weeks i'm not going to start work and really want to get a feel for the place before i make the decision to move away from home, work, friends etc. Just feeling isolated and stuck in the meantime. I cant look into work until end of nxt week so have a whole week to do...something!!

If anyone is in the area, its a friendly pub!


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Is anyone in bristol by any chance??? i'm getting very, very bored but for some reason still hanging on in there, lol!

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You can search on internet for some cool places to visit. :)

I hope you will like it there. And by the way, can you tell me more about living in bristol, I would love to live there, im from south europe btw.


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I grew up in Bristol but it has changed so much in the last couple of years especially since Cabot Circus was built.

I think there is a young crowed that go to the Hatchet pub just off the centre (my 23 year old son goes there I think). but as for a car I'd forget driving into Bristol where possible as the parking costs are so hi.

Oh I think there are quite a few student bars up Park Street too.

I'm living in Birmingham now but I think Bristol is a lot nicer, more compact.

Hope some of this helps.