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1. Posted by beebo (Budding Member 2 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

My grade is graduating in May, we are all really pumped up to go blow off some steam in an island on the Med. This is causing a little bit of tension between certain factions of the grade and what not. Anyway most importantly I was wondering if anyone had any information on the following islands.

Mykonos, Rhodes(we heard this is a family island, are we correct?) and Ibiza.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help in advance.

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Well, dude to be honest i never heard of those islands, but i think is great what your doing. You throw a party at an island where is breathtaking. for ex, the islands of greece,jamaica and u know. but i hope you find out what u were looking for.
lots of luck luv jass

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Although I've never been, Ibiza is definitely what you'd call a PARTY island!

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I've been to Rhodes and it really is a family island. The only place to party there is in Faliraki, but I wouldn't recommend it.
I've also been to Laganas, Zakynthos and it was great. Plenty of bars to choose from, something there for everyone.
I've never been to Ibiza but I did hear very good things about it.

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Depends what kind of party you're after. If you like house music and big clubs, Ibiza is definitely the way to go. I reckon Mykonos is probablly pretty low key in comparison. What sort of partying do you like?

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Just to let you know. Contiki have opened up a big resort at Mykonos (i know from reading teh mags). Aparantly this has meant that the place is a bit more crowded with the constant influx of contiki travellers. For you this might be what your looking for as there are more younger people (cos thats the contiki way), but for the older travellers, it may not be so appealing now. Guess you need to make up that decision.

hope that helps a little bit


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Right. From doing it myself I have had some awesome experiences.

Rhodes- Family island, except Faliraki. Awesome women, beaches, boat trips full of booze, the lot, if you want to party you can go there, although it has had a lot of negative publicity since Sky One went there to film pi** heads like myself getting ridiculously drunk. If you dont mind that then its definatley a possibility.

Mainland. Not sure as I have not been there.

Crete- Beautiful side, and then the party side. Malia. One word -PARTY. It was awesome, well busy, girls beach sun the lot. If you want it quiet just travel west of the island, to the east is EXTREMELY lively.

My best friend has been to a place called IOS. Supposedly this is the little gem that no-one has heard of. Mainly Europeans other than the lager lout English like myself go there, and is supposedly the best place he has ever been to. The party keeps going all night. Only disadvantage is that you probably have to get a flight to an island close and get a very short ferry over to the island. I wish I had gone. Check it out on the net.

Hope this helps. Anything else about the places I have been then just ask.

8. Posted by Kingwindle (Respected Member 302 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

oh forgot about Ibiza, havent been but I know that the clubs are very expensive, but if you are going away for the music then this place every year is where it is happening with ALL the big names going there in te summer.

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Ios is the place for partying in Greece. It's full of students from all around the world. Sex, sun and beach! During the day it's very quiet cause everyone sleeps till the middle of the afternoon but there are tons of clubs when the sun comes down. You can easily take a ferry from Athens. It's not expensive. Read the Lonely Planet guide and you will probably have all infos. I was there in 1996 and it was pretty wild!