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Hello , my name is sammi and i currently live in Manchester , United Kingdom.

iam only 18 and i was wondering , is there an organisation that offers free voluntary work in africa ?

ive seen a few sites but the cost is immense !

please please help !

thankyou :)

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hi there, do you mind which country you go to, what month and what field you want work, ie education, nursing.

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Hi Sammy,

We're in Bloemfontein, central South Africa. We're running a guest house and a mission station for missionaries etc to have discounted accommodation and a place to be refreshed.

The following might be options if you come here:

Building, fixing, painting
Veggie / Herb Garden
Tree Nursery
Helping with Cheetah / Lion camp

We still have a lot we want to complete.
Backpackers unit
Couples unit
Bush Camp
Septic Tank
Build Bridge / Dam
Daily Maintenance etc.
Room preparation

Sight Seeing Tour
Safari Drive
Historical Tour
City Tour
Donation Tour

Please let us know a bit about yourself, how long you want to stay, what you have in mind to do while here, what your qualification / experience is.

We are able to accommodate you in a bush tent, or your own tent or a room, depending what we have available.

Accommodation Rates:
Paying Guests: R75 - R400 per person per night. (£7-£40)
Volunteers: R35 - R200 per person per night. (£3-£20) Water, Electricity and Facilities.
Shuttle Rates:
Paying Guests: R5 per km
Volunteers: R3 per km

Please advise if this is affordable.

We are only an hours flight from any in South Africa.

We look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless you

John & Melody

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