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I am a first time poster here, just looking for some advice, hints, tips or suggestions on my travel plans

Myself and my girlfriend are planning to travel to Australia around April/May this year and are looking to gain as much useful information as possible.

Basically, we are open to any suggestions and advice, must see's, must do's... but also, as a first time traveller... what would, in your opinion, be areasonable amount of funds to undertake a 2 month trip (I'm aware that is quite a personal issue - as everyone spends their money differently) but I was just hoping for some ideas... as frankly I'm not sure.

We are more than willing to do some seasonal work whilst there, so any advice on that would be much appreciated.


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Are you looking at doing seasonal work to gain a visa or is this for some money??

Seasonal work doesn't pay all that, its a very physical job. i done pruning and it paid something like 10p per vine. Apricot thining it started as £7 per tree but then they lowered it. some people get lucky, depends on your employers really. packing in a factory is good money but you work flat out and when i was out there these positions were always filled and they usually give these jobs to women.

Having said that seasonal work is an experience, i had the best time of my life doing that, met a great group of people, we were together for 3 months. Was also my first time travelling. i was doing it not for the money but to gain my 2nd years visa.

If your staying in hostels i personally prefer the smaller hostels as i found i met more people, the main city hostels are full of people coming and going all the time, the smaller hostels in smaller towns people tend to stay for a bit and you really get to know them.

Money wise, it is hard to say, i would say look at the hostels and see what they are charging to get a rough guide of your rent. i'm assuming your staying in hostels. food is really cheap i found. then you will need to look into what activities etc you are thinking of doing. it can add up.

Hope this helps in any way lol!


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This cost of living website might help:


just use the search to change countries

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