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Queensland Flood Updates

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1. Posted by TABgirl (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hello all you travelers out there!

We from Travellers Auto Barn received a real flood of calls the last few days concerning the floods in Queensland. We put some information together for you to keep you all informed and on the safe site when travelling in your car or campervan on Queensland’s roads.
One of our drivers reported that the Bruce Highway Northbound just North of Gladstone has been closed. Despite reports from the last few days that the Bruce Highway was open to northbound traffic and was expected to stay open, this news was completely unexpected.
We have contacted the local Police in Gladstone and they confirm the road is closed. So at present the main highway between Brisbane and Cairns, the Bruce Highway is closed to both North and South bound traffic.

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2. Posted by TABgirl (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

“Here comes the rain again……”

The Bruce Highway, the main North – South route between Brisbane and Cairns remains closed in a number of places.

Overnight the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane area have experienced some heavy rainfall and localised flooding. However the floods in this area are not expected to cause any long term road closures

“Queensland is now facing floods on three fronts – the cities of Bundaberg and Rockhampton, where peak floodwaters are falling only slightly; southern Queensland centred on Maryborough, where flooding has only just started; and western Queensland, where floodwaters peaked in St George at the weekend after previously peaking further upstream in Chinchilla and Dalby” –

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  • *****NEXT 24 HOURS AVOID DRIVING IN THE BRISBANE – SUNSHINE COAST AREA****************************

Dramatic reports, images and video overnight of serious flash flooding in Toowoomba. The media is in frenzy and the headlines are frightening and tragic.

We think it’s important to counter the mainstream media message with some advice that hopefully will provide some comfort to our customers, agents and concerned families and friends.


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5. Posted by Koalablue (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Queensland has been declaired a disaster state & it's been reported that 85% of the state is flooded. People have died with an unknown number missing. Anyone with plans to visit should check their destinations beforehand.

More rain to come with no let up in sight. I've never seen anything like this before:(


6. Posted by TABgirl (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

The news is getting better by the hour. It’s a BLUE SKY NEWS DAY!!


Flood waters are receding! The Fitzroy River at Rockhampton is predicted to fall to 8.5 m by this weekend. 8.5 metres is the magical number that should see the Bruce Highway open!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t tell you how brilliant this news is!!! See Bureau or Met report for Fitzroy River
Rockhampton local Newspaper reports Bruce Highway could be open as early as Saturday Woo Hoo!

The road closures at Gympie, Coffs Harbour and Ballina will all be OPEN by then as well.

So let’s add a little bit of a safety margin and say that by Monday 17th of January all major road closures will be OPEN.

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Sorry, but there is (and was more, before the links were removed) some real and useful information in this thread, for travelers and locals alike. Why is it under review? Because it linked to the TAB site?

Definitely not spam, links or not.

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This last post was indeed fine. Unflagged it now.

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Yasmin, the problem was indeed the links. I think what Travellers Auto Barn is trying to do in this case is quite honourable in principle, however they hurt their case by setting up a few accounts last year that were just here to act as if they were 'regular' travellers recommending TAB (when they were all employed in some fashion by TAB). I actually really like TAB, and know the owner quite well. I also know they are just trying to find their way in this new 'social media' world, and probably either hired a company that isn't any good/unethical or just didn't realize what they were doing. I'll have a chat with him next time I run into him!

In the meantime, I'm happy for TAB to continue giving advice on floods here, and as I've been following their documentation efforts over the past week will even allow links to their blog.

Travellers interested in more documentation should check this link.