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Hay peep's happy new year. Good news i got my Working holiday visa for Oz i was looking to around September. The main reason i wanted to go is not only to see the country but also do some trade work out and if i like it then apply for a trade skilled visa. What i wanted to know are
- would i need any permit to do this (cscs equivalent)
- if i bring a small bag of tools and my trade certificates would it become a problem at the airport
- could i extend my working holiday visa by doing this work
- if i do fine work could i get sponsor while i'm on the working holiday visa
- do anybody know any good agencies for building work out there.
please if there anybody out there that can help me with any these question would be much apprecited ?

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Hi Drew,

Not sure if this will be of any help, a friend of mine qualified as an electrician here in the UK hoping that she would be sponsored so she could live in Oz but having done no research she found out that her qualifications meant nothing in Oz, she would have had to pay a sum of money. so be warned and look into it-which obviously you are lol.

I know a lot of labouring type jobs you need to apply and pay for a green card.

Good luck

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Hey Jas thanks your help i'm gonna look in about that green card. Thanks again