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Hi guys

Sorry to be a pain and asking a money related question again!

Im trvaelling to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos in August and im trying to figure out my budgeting.

Im going to be travelling for between 21 -28 days and just wonderd if somone could help me out.

Currently I have roughly budgeted the following

£8 per night accomodation
£250 for food for the whole trip
£ 100 local transport

I also read a beer is beetween 55p-£1?

Im quite prepaerd to travel by bus/ and train on low cost optiuon and sleep in the cheapest of guest houses, so I can spend more money on excursions.

How much would you reccomend taking for the trip, and even better give a break down of the costs?

Cheers Kieran

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Sorry, I'm not going to break it down, but I'll just say that $30.-40. a day will do it. I just came back and saw signs for $5. hostel beds in Hanoi, and Hanoi is one of the more expensive towns in the area. I'm a little older, and need a tad more comfort, so I usually budget at least $50. a day for myself, and I usually come home with quite a bit of cash left over.

here's an interesting cost of living table by country:

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You'd get by on roughly 20 pound a day if you wanted. Accom in Vietnam is quite cheap and alot of the place have brekkie and free net incl. However accom was a little dearer in Laos & cambodia. The local beers are cheap, the cheapest food is the street food, may look dodgy in some places but mostly its delicious.
Me and my boyf spent 6weeks around Thailand Laos Vietnam & Cambodia nad spent a little over 2000euro for both of us. We did budget but got to do so much stuff at the same time, Rockclimbing Kayaking trekking and all the must do tours.
You'll have to bus around Laos as its the only option. The buses in Vietnam and Cambodia are ok, roads are so much better than Laos.
Hope this helps

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As a regular traveller to Vietnam,the cost of living is cheap. But saying that now that the USD has dropped the vietnamese understand this and have compensated by putting up costs.

As for the other replys, I will totally agree with the amounts. But would you rather be safe, personally you can get great clean hotels including breakfast for under $20 USD.

Many hostels are cheap ,but I have heard many reports of things being stolen,and bed bug infestations, remember in Asia you do pay for what you get !

Save the extra and have some security on the side,e is nothing worse traveling around and not having enough to enjoy yourself.

Happy Travels

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Like everyone is saying, I think it depends on the kind of lifestyle you generally have, but 25 - 30 a day was fine for me. To be safe, it's better to bring a little more just in case I'd say.

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Costs have been going up everywhere, but Indochina remains a true bargain. On my last trip in Nov/Dec 2010, I went to Luang Prabang (most expensive town in Laos). I was concerned about prices there, but did find a wonderful guesthouse for $21. - private ensuite. I changed my reservation while there, and had to go elsewhere for 2 nights. I found a wonderful little place with a simple room, also private ensuite for $12. Some of the restaurants in town were pretty expensive, but my favorite place was this Scandinavian Bakery for their wonderful, cheap Swedish pizza. In Hanoi I stayed 2.5 weeks and stayed in 3 hotels: $34., $25. and $45. (Hanoi and Saigon are the most expensive places in VN). One of my favorite cafes in Hanoi (Bun Bo Nam Bo) charges 40,000VND/$2. for noodles that went for 30,000VND/$1.50 last year.

In Hoi An, I usually stay in a $15. room (2009 prices/previous trip).

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