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Hi fellow travelers,

I'm planning a trip to Scotland on a whim in February for my birthday as a present to myself. :) Yes, it is Jan. now so it is rather last minute but I've found incredibly cheap flights and I don't know if I can turn them down. I've never been to Scotland and I've never completely traveled alone. I've done study abroad several times but I was with students so I was never really by myself for the most part. Also, I'm a petite asian girl and I don't want to draw too much attention traveling by alone. Any advice about safety precautions or where not to go etc..will be greatly appreciated.

I am primarily thinking about Edinburgh and Glasgow mainly because it will only be about 5 days or so... Also, I don't plan on driving in Scotland in such cold conditions nevertheless on the opposite side of the road. I love to meet locals, admire the architecture, art and most of all I love to eat. Any recommendations? (I am also on a budget so cheaper options and accommodations will be needed.)

I'm from Boston and live in New York City now so I've been around wintery cold weather all my life. Would Scotland Feb weather be similar? I just want to make sure I bring all the essentials with me to be comfortable and warm. Any advice about this will be great.

I hope to hear from some of you soon because I'm hoping to get this trip booked by next week the latest. Thanks!

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I live in Falkirk which is kinda between Edinburgh and Glasgow. I spend a lot of time in Edinburgh, i wouldn't worry too much about drawing attention to yourself as Edinburgh is full of tourist all of the time!

Scotland is still pretty cold in February so i would defo bring warm clothing and a pair of wellies lol! There is pretty good transport links between Edinburgh and Glasgow, it only takes about and hour on the train and they are usually every 15 mins.

Edinburgh is great for sighseeing with the Castle, Royal Mile etc, and has lots of really nice Bars and Restuarants, if it's shopping your after Glasgow is definatley better.

Hope this helps :)

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I wouldn't worry about travelling alone in the UK. It's pretty safe. Just be careful of your surroundings and know where your belongings are at all times. I think just all of the normal personal safety rules i.e. don't listen to music or talk on the phone when walking alone, wear purses across your chest and not over the shoulder, important documents out of sight and split up in different places etc.

I've travelled a lot by myself all around the world and I'm asian, female and 158cm. I probably do look like a tourist when I go travelling with my map in my hand, but I guess I don't look like I have any money which is why people probably leave me alone. I think it's a good thing to look like a tramp when one is travelling.

Have fun. I hope you enjoy it in Scotland! I went to Edinburgh the year before and it was October but it was freezing! Oh I walked everywhere in central Edinburgh as well so it is walkable.