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1. Posted by Peter (Admin 6794 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Some nice new additions have been made to the photo gallery.

Chris Hammonds collection of pictures from Lithuania, Norway and Tibet have formed a welcome addition, creating two new galleries and expanding the China gallery to include its famous occupied territory.

Richard Anders submitted a nice picture from Hong Kong as well.

To those looking for how to access the photo gallery - we have taken it off of the navigation at the top, because it was too full there. You can find links to the gallery throughout the site though. The brand new destinations area, for example, features photos for every country in there, and has direct links to the photography gallery for that country.

The pages address is still the same though and can be found at

I'm looking forward to many more fantastic submissions. Particularly if you see a country without any pictures, I am keen to have them uploaded.


2. Posted by Peter (Admin 6794 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Quite a few new additions this weekend..

9 pictures by David Metraux from China, Peru, France and USA. Some great shots there worth having a look through - nice webiste too at with more shots and locations.

10 new pics from Jim Rogers, who completed a round the world trip in a custom made Mercedes from 1999 to 2002. The pictures have started 10 new galleries for Austria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Guatemala, Kenya, Luxembourg, Monaco, Paraguay and Uruguay. Jim has a full report of his trip at

1 new picture by Jane Yeap from Melbourne, Australia in 2002.

Thanks for all the new submissions.

Check out the new pictures at

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I've added a few more pictures this evening - some of these have been waiting in my inbox for a while now, but I sort of lost track of them ;)

Thanks to Joanne Lum for her pics from Hong Kong and Australia.

Thanks to Kate Snape for her picture of Cowes on Philip Island, Australia.

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Ok, quite a few new pictures that I haven't mentioned yet, so here goes:

Bob Flinn has some pictures in the gallery from Fiji and Thailand

Jim Jamesson submitted a great selection of pictures from the US, really making that a nice gallery now!

Jason Brown has added a picture from the Cook Islands

Cherri Hignite added a pic from Ireland

Alain Wee submitted some nice shots from Austria and Malaysia

Sayat Arslanlioglu added some picturesque shots from Santorini, Greece

and Hans Hendriksen has a good collection of pictures from all over the world, adding 6 new countries to our gallery as well!

Thanks for all the great shots -- we're getting pretty close to 300 pictures in the gallery now

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I just finished adding some new pics to the gallery:

Ha-Mill Hwang (hammy) submitted some nice shots from Tanzania and Nepal.

Cathleen Logue added some pics from Bermuda, starting that gallery off.

Maria Hristova submitted some shots from her home country Bulgaria, which are
much appreciated as the first shots from there.

Quyen Le (iloveflyin) added some nice shots from his travels to Vietnam, Thailand,
Hawaii and France

Azlansyah bin Aman has added a picture from Malaysia

A gallery for Panama was started by Steve Johnson

Thanks for another round of great pictures and keep them coming. Particularly if you
see a country that isn't yet featured in the gallery, I will consider them more

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