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So I am a new snowboarder, basically have gear now but before just borrowed a snowboard, boots etc when we had snow in the UK last month and used the local hills teaching myself with friends helping. So I need to take lessons no matter what. Indoor places like Sno!zone I could learn but I've worked out it'll cost me between £150-£200 to do that. Not cheap and almost half the price of a holiday so the sensible thing would be to learn at the resort one morning and then spend half a day going down green run by myself on the first day.

But here are the potential problems. Language barrier from the snowboard instructor (I only speak english) and Europe isn't cheap atm (getting there is) and the potential for a poor resort would be higher than say in America where things are generally catered for better as I've only had nothing but awesome service from the yanks - I really can't say that from certain parts of europe but I don't blame them as I'm hardly a fan of the Brit abroad to, even being one myself - ha!

Also, america have had LOTS of snow. Aiming to go away around beginning of March where I would guess the snow will still be pretty good around then. Price comparison wise, for the cheapest holiday in and around europe (like Bulgaria) is about £200-£250 cheaper than the cheapest holiday to the USA. I would also be confident I won't get a tutor that can't speak english in america and I won't be paying £12 for a beer or hot chocolate on the mountain. I'll have longer flights but I'm thinking the trade off will be worth it. Plus the airline won't be sleazy-jet and like if transatlantic.

I also love america.

All advice welcome. kthxbai :)

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nvm all this. Reviews of North American snowboarding aren't nearly as good the european ones and the it just doesn't add up on the cost. Bulgaria is seeming like the best choice.

http://www.worldsnowboardguide.com/ is a great site if people are looking for good independent advice.

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Not sure where geeadamg is getting his info, but snowboarding is really big in the states and in Canada--and there are lots of great places: Lake Tahoe (California/Nevada border), Whistler (British Columbia), Mt. Bachelor (Oregon), Mammoth Mountain (California), Steamboat Springs, Beaver Creek, Aspen and lots of other Colorado spots; Taos (New Mexico), Park City and Powder Mountain and Brighton and Alta (Utah), and Stowe (Vermont) are all great places to snowboard in North America.

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Oh, I know it's big over there - a misunderstanding tho.

Because I am in the UK, the USA is an expensive trip. When the alps are a 2 hour plane ride away, it makes sense to go there. When I was looking at price comparisons, it wasn't like for like. The cheap north american resorts have poor reviews compared to a still way cheaper european resorts with the best reviews even after taking into account language barriers and the expense of the euro. I just couldn't make it add up.

If I was in the states, it'd obviously be the same - makes no sense travelling to europe when you have the rockies etc close by.