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1. Posted by js1401 (Budding Member 9 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Mardi Gras anyone....? gonna get there for the last week from feb 3rd. Anyone else gonna be there?

2. Posted by vagabond (Full Member 104 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I'll be there from 4th to 8th of Feb.

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did mardi gras last year , had so much fun we are doing again.
you will love it, be sure to buy a rain coat. :)

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hey Nola, any favorite places? Parades? Spots? for Mardi Gras.... As an expirienced Mardi Gras Man, any tips(or tricks) ...?

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Perhaps I can contribute my favorites of Mardi Gras. I went last year as well.

1. The French Quarter: walk around during the day before the nighttime festivities begin. Trust me, it will most definitely take up an entire day, and you still won't have completed it. Decatur St. was simply beautiful.

2. Places to eat: although I didn't go all out with the food (mostly Denny's and Po' Boy diners), but Cafe du Monde is an amazing place for coffee and beignets (somewhat like a doughnut but oh so better!)

3. Parades: there are so many that you might accidentally see one without even trying. The absolute best place to get beads for free without having to go through the "negotiations" like on Bourbon St. Bacchus is supposed to be the best (and most fun) parade, but assemble way before time because it gets super crowded.


1. For rowdy fun and amazing drink deals (3 for 1 is good in my books!) go to Bourbon St. at night. The craziness starts at around 6-7pm.

2. On Mardi Gras (the Tuesday), don't go to the restaurants. The Cajun classics are brought out on the streets and sold for 5$ a bowl. We bought some jambalaya for 5$, and you can get other classics for equally cheap prices without sacrificing your wallet or valuable Mardi Gras walking/observing/partying.

3. You're allowed to drink (alcoholic drinks) on the streets but only if it is in a plastic cup. Do not go out with bottles (we did and were quickly warned by the cops to go back inside).

4. There are cops on every street corner and the blocks aren't big so watch out for them. They are quick to act.

5. Go on a ghost tour for three good reasons. First, you get to find out about the wonderful New Orleans culture and folklore. Second, you'll get drink deals (a classic must for young Mardi Gras revelers). Third, you'll get a bathroom pass - one of the most valuable things during this time because some places charge 3$ US to go to the bathroom. Insane!

Other than that, have fun! Don't go too crazy. Remember, people are videotaping EVERYTHING that happens in the French Quarter and they are literally on every corner! And most important, yell "Happy Mardi Gras!" as often as you can!


6. Posted by nola (Budding Member 27 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!


1. do not start drinking . . .right away.

2. did i mention a rain coat?

3. places? . . . you don't need my advice . . . unless you get drunk and fall of the bridge over lake pontchartrain
you ain't gonna miss a thing.
but for starters try staying on canal and st. charles for the parades.
you can see bourbon street later it will be there.

4. save your self. if you plan on doing the whole mardi gras weekend, pace your self.
you will need every ounce of energy, waste not want not.

5. once in town get a paper. this is a valued tool with info on, when and where different parades start, and many other timly mardi gras information.

6. be a champ! don't pick up gutter beads.

thats all i got.

so god speed son, god speed.