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11. Posted by BeckyR (Full Member 174 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

it can be tough travelling with friends/partners you have known for years as well as strangers ;), so I suppose a lot of it depends on what you are like at the time of travelling! I have always found I need a day or two to de-stress/unwind from my work, if I achieve that then i can normally travel with anyone!! :)

Who would be your "fantasy/dream" travel companion though?! A traveller from the past, a celebrity or perhaps your mum?! I think it might be fun to travel with Michael Palin . . . .;)

12. Posted by leahrb (Full Member 209 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hmmm "fantasy/dream" travel companion... That could be a thread in itself...;)

13. Posted by travelover (Respected Member 494 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Seriously... I can name a few people off the top of my head, although that depends on the timeframe. Bruce Willis would be my current choice (to name only one). But I digress.

Choosing travel companions is an inexact science. To be honest, it's not a science at all! There is no particular set of rules or checklist that will ensure the perfect travel partner, which is why it's hard to choose who you're going with. I've travelled alone with my sister, and we got along famously, but we're really close sisters and we know each others quirks well, so not much will bother us about each other. We do get on each other's nerves at times but it usually takes a few minutes and we're back on a clean slate.
I have also travelled with my sis (she really is a fun travel partner) and a friend of mine from school. I was nervous about that because this friend is really close and we spend a lot of time working on projects and schoolwork and such, so I really hoped that nothing would screw that up. And it didn't. What do I attribute to the success of the trip? Three like-minded people travelling together. The three of us were up for anything, and never held each other back or anything. I'm actually a week away from a trip to Cuba and I'll be going with the aforementionned friend and a bunch of others from school to celebrate our graduation. We'll see how that goes... fingers crossed!

14. Posted by mtlchica (Respected Member 922 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I have to say that this is a great topic ;) A lot of times people are bogged down with the travel details like accomodations, getting your passport renewed and making sure you have suntan lotion to even think about the companion situation. If you're travelling with friends yu should be ok right? Um, no.

I agree with what Travelover said about travelling with like-minded people, that's what will make or break a trip. I can give a couple of examples from my travelling experiences. When I went backpacking with a friend and one of her friends that I kind of knew from before (and we didn't get along - but that was 7 years ago, things change right? oh how niave I am...). Anyways, the other girl and I butted heads all the time and I really felt bad for my friend who felt caught in the middle (although she shouldn't have because we never asked her to pick sides). Anyways, the other girl seemed to have a plan different than ours, and she was more interested in meeting people than exploring the cities we were in, so she also caused unrest between her and our friend as well. It put a damper on my trip, but in the end, the whole experience was so amazing that it really didn't matter. The worst part about it was not being able to vent about it to someone because I didn't want to put my friend in a situation that was uncomfortable for her (well any more so).

The next experince was a great one. I went to NYC with one of my closest friends about 4 years ago...we went there being laid back and with the "what ever happens will happen" attitude. We both wanted to shop and just experience what the city had to offer, and we both had a great time. It was great!

I think that travelling with one like-minded person would probably be the best thing, because it is very difficult to find a group that has the same mind-set as you. If you don't mind splitting up in your group, then go for it, but make sure you have an even number so no one feels left out!

Katie ;)

15. Posted by anela1986 (Budding Member 13 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

hmm..good question but traveling by yourself is the best becuase you can meet new friends along the way. it also makes you look more independent! but...if you want to travel with a companion make sure you trust and know that person first. you know what i mean? have fun too because if you and that person don't get along traveling wouldn't be fun also. i was fifteen years old when i traveled to New York! i was all by myself and it was nervous wrecking but yet it gave me a rush! i enjoyed it!

16. Posted by travelover (Respected Member 494 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I would like to add that although like-minded people do tend to get along, they are surely bound to disagree sometimes, and it's these times that can possibly annoy travellers. When like-minded people take trips focusing on an area where they are NOT like-minded, it can definitely be a snag.

17. Posted by Prue (Budding Member 6 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I have travelled with family, friends, partner and alone, and by far solo is the best. Tropical islands, however, nececitate a bit of romance that only a special freind can provide, which is why, i guess, i dont visit them!!!

18. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Solo backpacking and meeting up ppl on the road is the best.
Less burden and less "responsibility".


19. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I recently did a trip to Costa Rica with four friends. We all had very, very different ideas of what we wanted to do and by the time day 6 rolled around we were all about ready to kill each other. We had a big blow-out, there was lots of finger pointing and complaining. Afterwards though, I think everyone felt pretty good and we all agreed that we would start doing things on our own. Which worked out better.

However, I don't think any of us would travel as a group again. I could see myself travelling with each of the people individually, depending on the location. I would happily travel with one of the guys to Octoberfest, for example, because I know he and I would have a very similar mission there. But I would never travel with him to a location with lots of wildlife and geography, because I would want to go hiking and he would want to drink and lie on the beach.

I agree that travelling solo is better. You can always meet people (either fellow travellers or locals) on the road if you are feeling lonely, and when you get sick of them you can just leave.

My dream travel companion? I am very laid back on the road, so I travel best with someone who is more forceful and interested in doing things. In Costa Rica, for example, one of the girls I was with approached a boat captain and for $US 20 each (for 4) we got a day-long snorkeling trip and private beach party. It was so cool, but I never would have done that myself. Someone like that. Or Ashley Judd (after she dumps that stupid Dario). One of those two.

20. Posted by travelnote (Full Member 23 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Travelling with someone else can cut you off to a lot of contacts you'd make if you were travelling alone.