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Hi! I'm currently at University in Canada, and am looking to study abroad in the Netherlands for a semester (starting Jan '06).
Preferrably, I'm looking at Maastrick and Arnhem... but I'm getting absolutly no help from my home university. Anyone familiar with these cities and could give me a little insight into what makes them so great (or not so great)?!
Any info at all would be greatly appreciated


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Hi Mandy,

The city's you names are not the real student city's in the Netherlands. The real student areas in the Netherland are in Delft, Amersfoort, Groningen, Amsterdam and Rotterdam(where I live). I do not no which kind of education you do at the moment? That will make matters for what kind of city you choose. Amsterdam is the biggest city, Delft is a little city, but it is realy nice. Rotterdam is a real business city, with bigger building, but not a lot of culture. Ask me if you want to now more...


Alex, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Sorry if I offend you, but where have you been dude. Looks like you live in the Randstad and don't look any further. Maastricht is supposed to be one of the greatest cities in Holland to study in. There are loads of bars, festivals, events and loads of different beers. I'm not from there so I can't really help you out on that, but that's deff the place to go. Gonna be hard to concentrate on your studies. An other great advantage for you if you want to see a little of Europe. Your right next to the Belgium and German border. ANyways good luck.

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Hi Mandy!

Maastricht is a beautiful city! If you are thinking about studying in the Netherlands, Maastricht is a good choice! Arnhem is nice, but definitely less interesting than Maastricht! Maastricht has a rich culture, a good university (from what I've heard), and is overall well worth visiting!!!

Whatever choice you make, know that our country is more than the red light district, legalized soft-drugs, clogs, windmills and cheese. Please take time to discover the real country. If you decide to come over and study, make sure that you have some time to travel around (and stay away from tourists attractions such as Volendam...;))

Good luck!


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My cousin studied (studies?) in Maastricht. He seemed to love it! It is actually a great city for anyone to visit - tons of character. And as the others have pointed out, it's nice and close to Belgium and Germany. You'll definitely have to go visit nearby Belgian cities like Antwerp, Ghent, Brugges etc.. while you're there.

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Thanks you're so positive about Maastricht. Were busy with an experiment for some time know, the Maastricht alternative guide (, maybe this is something you'll like too?

@DutchLex: Amersfoort and Rotterdam real student cities? Are we talking about the same country?


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Hi Mandy,

Great idea to study in the Netherlands! I agree that Maastricht is a great student city, it's also very internationally orientated (from what I've heard ... but I guess someone who is actually from Maastricht can give better information about this)

Although Rotterdam isn't really a student city (it doesn't really have a 'downtown' part where you can go out, everything is very far apart) there are a lot of international students there.

Arnhem does not have a university, only what we call 'HBO', which is a level lower than university. If you're interested in this area of the Netherlands you could also go to Nijmegen, which is about 20 km (about 12 miles I guess??) from Arnhem. Nijmegen is a great student city, not to big with lots of bars, festivals etc. But I'm probably a bit biased because I study in Nijmegen ;)

I think it all depends on what subject you study. I think that for Law you should go to Maastricht, they have a very good international Law course (also partially given in english I believe) For Medicine I would say Nijmegen (best Medicine study in the Netherlands), but again, I study medicine in Nijmegen, so I need to say this!

Oh, and please don't go to Amersfoort!

Good luck!!


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I am from Belgium (though living in Ireland) so I have done a bit of citytrips across the border. Maastricht is not bad, though I'd say Utrecht is by far the nicest city I have seen so far in the NL. Lots of small channels, nice old houses, beautiful churches (including the Dom, which is the country's highest building), and a real student city with a lot going on there.

Amsterdam's nice and a bit like Utrecht, but more busy and i'd ever say more decadent. But also more multicultural, which I find a good thing (unfortunately not everyone has good experiences with it).

Leiden's also a real student city, but I've never been there myself.

Do note that universities in NL have a numerus clausus (maximum students), unlike Belgian universities where there is no limit to the number of students.
In Belgium Leuven is a real student city, it's rather small but there are so many students that there's always something to do. My native city Ghent, a beautiful medieval city with lots of canals, also has a famous university. Other universities can be found in Antwerp, Brussels, Hasselt, Louvain-la-Neuve, Mons and Liege.

Also notorious for students is Lille in the North of France, the city's closer to Bruges and Ghent than to any French city of that size !

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Hi I've been to Arnhem and also Maastricht. Arnhem didn't leave much of an impression on me but I really liked Maastricht. I've been there on a few day trips and twice stayed for a couple days. Don't know anything about Universities there but its certainly a nice plave to live for a while. Maastricht has a nice downtown area with a large square, church, etc..