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Hello everyone,

I am looking to go to Antigua for my friends wedding in March. I will be picked up from the airport and taken to Antigua therefore when we're there Mosquitos won't be a problem. We'll be there for 3-5 days with my son who will be 5 months old.

A few quesitons:

  • He hasn't had any jabs yet (other than the standard ones from the doctors), does he need them and if so what? We're not travelling to any remote loactions (or anywhere other than Antigua)
  • From what I read, Hep A is contracted by food and water, Hep B through bodily fluids. Hep B isn't a problem as he's breastfeeding. My question is around bathing/washing. How can I be sure he won't swallow any? Is this a big problem? We would drink bottled water but couldn't be sure he doesn't swallow any...

Are there any places to get good information? I'm sure the doctor will be over the top with caution but want real advice from you all!. Any links to help?

Many thanks,


2. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hey Tarik - nice to see you back as it's been awhile! And, congratulations on Baby Kingwindle!! ;)

My first question - where will you be staying during your visit? With friends, a hotel, a resort?

Will follow up on jabs since your son is only 5 months old and there are age restrictions on certain vaccinations.

Again, good to see you back!

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Hi Isadora,

Many thanks for looking into jabs, i'm guessing that the UK is slightly different to the US and what the recommendations are so very interested to see if you can find out more.

We'll be staying in a hotel when we're there, probably going to stay somewhere very nice for a treat, there is a hotel that Bill Clinton stayed in when he visited Antigua which i'm tempted with! From speaking to my wife today it will only be a couple of days in Guate as we may spend some time in Miami before hand.

I guess the same problems will apply though no matter how long we're there.

This site was such a great source of information when I was travelling so its very nice to have such helpful people!


4. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hi Tarik,

Apologies for the response time...

Outside of the normal childhood vaccinations, which your son has been receiving, Hep A&B are the additional immunizations recommended by the CDC and Mayo Clinic. But, due to his age, he would only be eligible for the first Hep B injection. Hep A can be administered at 1 year old so takes that one out of the equation.

Considering your itinerary, you shouldn't have anything to be too concerned about - even with the bath water question. I realize bathing a 5 month old can be a challenge as they aren't good at just sitting there motionless. Still, I don't see a problem especially with your choice of accommodations. Go and enjoy the trip!

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Hey Tarik,

The biggest problems you'll be facing will be sunburn and the few mosquitos for the little one. From a disease point of view Antigua is a fairly clean place and even the water is considered potable straight from the taps as the island has 2 desalinization plants and three water treatment centers which process the water before it goes into the drinking system.

However Antigua does have dengue fever - a mosquito transmitted disease, which while not common is dangerous especially for kids. Use common sense in keeping the little one indoors during the mosquito hours and enjoy your trip!

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Disregard everything I said. *LOL* wrong information, wrong Antigua.

The water in Guatemala is indeed suspect. As to bathing the little one, if you are really worried about it, fill the tub then treat the bath water with a handful of iodine tablets, before bathing him.

Wouldn't worry about it though. The mosquitos and dengue are the only real thing to worry about.