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hows it going all

i am planning to travel europe in about a year and am trying to work out money matters. i live in australia and so the plane trips there and back will be about $2000 australian. now if i start in turkey for example, and end up in spain by travelling across greece, netherlands, germany and france, how much money approximately will i need for accomodation, public transport and drinks, clubs etc.

and are there plenty of trains travelling all around europe that could take me from one country to the next?

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I would recommend budgeting about 50 Euros a day for accomodation and eating, but maybe think about getting a train pass of some sort.

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50 Eur = about $65USA and about AUD86 give or take, according to the currency converter..thanks for that Angela, I've been trying to work out how much I'll need. I plan to use a credit card, but also want to know how much cash I should have. Is the EU accepted all over Europe, including the UK... or just Europe itself...

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The Euro is not accepted in the whole of Europe. Only the E.M.U. (Economic Monetair Union)countries. Those are Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luzembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Finland.
In the UK and probably other countries some stores do accept the Euro.
It's kinda hard to tell how much you need, cos it's different for every country. Also the time of the year can make a big difference. Check out about the international traintravel in Europe. There are trains going everywhere and there are monthly tickets for different countries. (A country is a zone) So for example you can by a 3 zone ticket to travel anywhere in 3 different countries within a month. Ow and creditcard is not commonly accepted. At more expensive restaurants and hotels yes, but don't expect to go buy some groceries or pay a hostel with your creditcard.
Have fun in Europe.

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I agree with Angela....I did the 50 EUR a day thing and I had no problems. I actually had enough cash let over at the end of my trip to do a mini shopping spree!

Switzerland also accepts the Euro. It's not their official currency, but from experience most of the shops we ok with it. I guess they're used to travellers coming from other European countries. (I know that you're not planning to go there, but I reccomend it...beautiful countryside).

Don't worry about the trains, they are always running so you'll always be able to get from one place to the next. If you plan on visiting many cities, look into a train pass (as tsjebber suggested). Eurail pass is the most popular, although I don't know if it's available to only North American citizens or if it's open to Australian ones too.

Katie ;)