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Renting Apartment in Buenos Aires?

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Renting Apartment in Buenos Aires?

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1. Posted by CGriffin (Budding Member 3 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Has anyone advice / expierence on renting apartment in Buenos Aires?

2. Posted by juanka (Inactive 48 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

It's not easy now to rent in BA because after devaluation, sales prices remained in dollars, and many people cannot buy/change house and need to rent. So there's no much offer.
Cost of a 2 rooms apt in BA is about $ar500, depending of neighborhood. (prices in Arg pesos) But you must ad: common expenses of the building ($100/150), gas, electricity, water, phone, national and city taxes. So you can think in a total of about 700/800.
AND usually apartments are not mobiled, so you must think in to buy ALL YOU NEED IN A HOUSE from a bed to a can opener...
Rent contracts are 2 years minimun, and include a previus deposit of 1 or 2 months you will lose if you leave before 1 year.
Also you need to pay half a month or more of commision to the real state agent. AND it's necessary a co-signer to rent. There's NO WAY to rent without this.
As in the time of hyperinflation an economical problems we have, nobody want to be co-signer, even of his mother. So, renting an apartament in BA is not easy for a foreigner.

Indeed, there are also mobiled apartments to rent for less time. They are in expensive areas because are rented for foreigners executives and the companies can pay (I think is not your case). Now some people began to offer cheaper mobiled apartments in other areas, but it's not the common case.

You can, instead, rent a room in a house, with allmost similar privacy and independence. See for instance

Good luck.

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4. Posted by milla (Full Member 18 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

if it is for a long time one month or 3 weeks it is cheaper to get a flat. i am sometimes offered small flats for 2 people directly by the owners. grally they are cheaper than the ones offered by companies that charge a comission on the rent. Anyway there are sometimes good deals. I am becoming an expert at inspecting flats, i have visited 23 only this year without having any take with any of the companies that advertise them.

5. Posted by seramos (Budding Member 9 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I live in Buenos Aires...and actually know some owners that rent appartments, including my mother.
The main criteria that you should be taking into account and because of which prices could vary are:
- Location / Neighborhood. Watch out for ads that trick you by saying 10 minutes from downtown...(they are probably located around Caballito, nice neighborhood but 50 blocks from downtown). May be the subway could take you in 15 minutes.... but it is tricky, you see...
The most expensive places are: Puerto madero, Retiro /Plaza San Martin and Recoleta.
There will be other offers for Palermo, San Telmo and Caballito. Again: it depends on your needs and budget.
- Length of stay. I know owners that rent per day and others at least on a monthly basis (the longer, the cheaper). The prices mentioned in prior emails are reasonable, but again it depends on location and services too.
- Optional/ Included: what is actually included in the price? You need to make all offers comparable to make a decision. Examples:
* Separate invoices for gas, electricity, water, phone bill for local calls (for the long distance calls you get a calling card at any LOCUTORIO nearby... looking specially for the cheapest one per minute for your specific country. Examples of such calling cards are Tarjeta Unica, Hola USA, Tarjeta Bla.....etc...Try to avoid any Telefonica or Telecom card.
* Shared expenses of the building
* Internet connection?
* cleaning?
* Initial deposit.
* Make it clear you need to be aware of all additional expenses, if any.

If you happen to be interested in stays longer than a month ...-snip-

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6. Posted by seramos (Budding Member 9 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

just a short additional comment on appartments: you do not necessarily have to buy everything if you rent an appartment. Most of them are fully furnished and have some basic everyday stuff such as
- cuttlery
- sheets & towels
- microwave oven, air conditioning, heating type, kitchinette,
- 24 hour survaillance....(again it depends on the neighbourhood and quality of the building, it may actually not be necessary in most buildings).
- etc

You could also add to your questions for comparisons whether they offer fully furnished appartments and everything else and what you are supposed to leave behind when you return the key to the owner.
I guess the same happens everywhere


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