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I am new to the site so apologies if this is in the wrong section. My partner and I are looking to travel round south east asia and Aus/Nz for 4 months in early 2012. We are looking to take £4,000 each but i was wondering what is the best/safest way take my money?

Some people have suggested travellers cheques and some people say take a card.

Any help would be apreciated from people who have travelled.

Thank you

Much love

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I wonder if 4000 will be enough for 4 months if u plan to visit Aus/NZ as well.... i would say travellers cheque would be the best bet... they work at all the places and safe if lost... carry ur card for emergencies but for spending you shd go with TC...

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Hey Lubinarora,

Thank you for taking the time to reply. We are spending most of the time (roughly 3 months) in Asia, 1 week in Aus and 3 weeks in NZ. Our plan is to rent a motorhome and drive around NZ so im hoping £4k will be enough. If its not ill be slumming it :)

What you suggest sound good to me, are travellers cheques easily cashed if they were to be lost or stollen? Never really used them before.

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they are pretty safe bcuz when u go to encash it, the dealer will ask for an id proof... which will not be available if it was lost... much safer than a card i would say...

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Personally, I find using checks at home to be a pain in the butt. So, why would I want to use them abroad? I suggest you either get a VISA TravelMoney card or a CapitalOne credit card. (By the way, I see that you are located in the UK, so I don't know if you will have access to these products. I'm in the US.)

I used a VISA TravelMoney card when I visited Brazil. I felt safe, but charging (refilling) the card periodically was a pain. (It's a pre-paid card.) Unless things have changed, you can only add money to it a certain number of times. Another drawback is the foreign transaction fees, which can really add up.

Getting a CapitalOne credit card may be a better option, which I plan to try on my next trip. Simply put, they don't charge any international transaction fees. Of course, you have to apply for it and be approved.

Actually, I think getting both might be best. Get a CapitalOne credit card and write down the phone number. Make sure the credit limit is high enough to cover your travel expenses. Get a VISA TravelMoney card and put a few hundred bucks on it. Use the CapitalOne as your primary card. If it gets stolen, call the phone number immediately and cancel it. You can then use your VISA TravelMoney card as a backup.



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A debit card with the Visa or Mastercard symbol so it works anywhere and one that offers a great foreign transaction fee package works best for me.

Travellers Cheques are sooooo '80's... plus in some places you'll get hosed on exchange rates and commissions...


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