Anybody going to Perth June 2011!!!!!

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Hey everybody!!
Im Leona, 24yrs old from Dublin:)..So i finally just went and did it!!! Just booked my flight to Perth for June15th and im sooo excited. Im travelling alone but would love to meet somebody heading the same way for fun I have no plans yet and id love some ideas as this is my 1st time in Australia, and my first time to travel alone. Exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time!! Im going on a year working visa and im pretty flexible with my plans once I get there!!


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hi there, leona, im in australia at the moment i live there, just outside perth, i used to be the manager of a pub up north but work in the mines now, but i employed a lot of backpacker and if u need any help get in touch as i have a 24 year old who is going away travelling next week to phuket then new zealand so i would like someone for her to be able to contact in a new country, my other daughter is comming over with her family on the 21st june pity it wasnt the same time anyway if u need anything get in touch x

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Im going to be in perth 26th April going alone, im about to book hostel and some friends reccommended pirates in fremantle so im going to try and get in there.

we should meet up when were both there!! i know il make friends but its still scary flying to the other side of the world alone!!

steph 24, UK xxx

4. Posted by leona866 (Budding Member 35 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hey Steph

Yea im defo nervous about going alone, but just something I want to do!! Im sure ill make friends there but its just the not knowing. Is this the 1st time youve been to Perth? do you plan to stay there to work or travel around Oz?
you must be excited its getting very close for you now!
Id love to meet up when I get there!!

Leona xxx

5. Posted by Jamesmil1987 (Inactive 8 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

i will be in Perth on July 4th, then road tripping up the west coast with my friend whomoved over to oz a few years ago, will be staying with him in his town for around 2 months before i make my way to the east. Anybody who wants to meet up at any point during this year get in touch, would be good


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Hey Leona,

When i was reading your blog it was like i was reading mine lol, i am going to be in the exact same boat as you. Do you have anywhere to stay yet? it would be great to meet someone there doing the exact same thing as me. i've booked my flight for the 20th, not sure if i want to rent a room or get a hostel! i think a room might be cheaper for like a month or so.... i think i'm going to get a job whist im there too to keep me ticking over :)

Hey Steph,

would be really cool to meet up with you soon! i think Freemantle is the place to go though! maybe we could all meet up together and you could give us some advice on the other side.

Hope to hear from you both soon

Liz 24 UK xxxx

7. Posted by Griffin123 (Budding Member 33 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

hey im heading to perth in the next few weeks dont have any flight booked yet, so will be looking to make new frieds out there im 23 from cork, if ye wanna get in touch and all head out of a dfew drinks lol