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Travelling Around Peru - Particularly Inca Trail

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1. Posted by Rishin (Budding Member 10 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!


I will be travelling to Peru in March 2005.

I am particularly interested in doing the Inca Trail but have been told that I will either need to book a guided tour with a company in the United Kingdom before I leave, or wait 30 days for a permit once I arrive in Peru.

The companies in the UK charge a lot of money and since I am on a tight budget and only have a month to spend in Peru, I can neither book a tour with a company in the UK nor wait 30 days for a permit.

Has anyone got any suggestions about how I can organise a trip to Machu Picchu...perhaps by booking a tour with a Peruvian company before I arrive in Lima?

Any advice would be much appreciated!!

2. Posted by beppe (Full Member 144 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Dear friend

i'll do inca trail in august and i book it 3 days in advance in Machu Picchu, so i don't think i'll have a lot of problems getting there a agency they have only agency that do this.

The prices are around 150-200 USD for three day trip but if you have time you can bargain it.

For going from lima to to Machu Picchu the best way is to flight there you can get it one way around 100 usd in lima.
While if you want you can budget it going by bus but i suggest you to do it by bus only if you want to see other places like nazca, arequipa, and ticaca lake so you make some stop anyway is better to flight.

I'll do it all the trip by bus and i flight back to lima.


3. Posted by gallegos (Full Member 72 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

The Italian guy was lucky, but it's not like that, specially in the high season (june to september). Nevertheless, March is low season, so you shouldn't have many troubles booking a tour for the Inca trail once in Peru. Sometimes you can book a tour 3 days before start it. But if you are going on Easter time, you should try to book it with more time in advance.

Prices are around 200 and 250 US dollars. The Italian guy must did it many years ago, because prices have been above 200 US dollars since the last 2 years.

A good place to look for Peruvian travel agencies that organize tours to the Inca trail is:

If you book it through the Internet, it's normal they ask for a payment in advance (50 or 100 US dollars) and your personal info (complete name, gender, age, nationality and passport number). They need it to book the Inca trail for you. All that info is requested for the booking.

Best regards,

4. Posted by davarian (Budding Member 7 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!


i just posted this to someone elses questions about the inca trail.

things have changed, even since a few months ago! old info about what someone paid, or how quick they got onto the trail is history!

Every year for the past few years there have been more gov regulations, taxes, and price increases for the inca trail to machu picchu.
Now there is a 30-day reservation requirement, so that means people can not just show up in cusco and bargain with the operators for a lower price. and the really low price operators either go out of business or raise their prices, then try to get people mainly through the internet to make their 30 day reservation.
prices are now 275-470 bottom end, up to 670 higher end companies/services.

Here are some of the companies with their advertised price for the basic 4-day trail, joining with a group (later in 2005 all their prices may go up again as new regulations are due out in april):

Enigmaperu: 320$
Inkanatura: 599$
Peruperu: 320$
Ericadventures: 430$
Andeanlife: 295$ (with a disclaimer that prices may go up)
Unitedmice: they wont advertise prices yet!
Sastravelperu: 325$ with a disclaimer prices may go up
Perutreks: 275-295$
Andinatravel: 325$
Apumayo: 466$

There are more operators than this list, some have yet to get websites up.

This list is just info I have gathered, not necessarily a recommendation for any one operator. I have seen recommendations and good things said about each of these companies.

Happy trails,