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Hello there!

I'm a 22yo female with a US passport and I'm seeking advice in regards to traveling. I basically at this point do not have a job, a lease, and I'm single. The only thing I can figure at this point is I want to be on the move. I just don't know where to start, or more importantly how to start. I would love to work with an organization helping to build communities or volunteer in orphanages. I feel like this would be a great way to get to see a lot of places and see people's culture first hand. I also think this is a good route because I'm not sure how I could fund a world trip. I have some money saved and have some advantages as far as flying goes.

Could anyone offer advice? How much money should I try to save in order to do a world trip?
Also wouldn't mind a travel buddy! If you have ideas or suggestions anything will be greatly appreciated!

Warm regards,

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How do you think when you will come to VietNam,I think the price here is avarage for you.And if you have a certificate about the education,it's easy for you can to teach in English center.You can research VietNam in this web,some English center need some teacher from US,England,Australia....And of course,VietNam is a place that very good for you come here.I am living in VietNam,not a travel guide,but i want to practise my English,so if you come here(ho chi minh City),i will try my best to help you.If you have any difficulty,you can contact my nick on yahoo or skype is -snip- . Or you can send to mail for me -snip- yahoo.Thanks and good luck

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Thanks so much! I have considered teaching English in other countries. I will explore this option more. If I make it to VietNam soon I'll be sure to contact you. :)

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How much should I try to save?
Basically, how long is a piece of string?
The world is a big place - and every traveller has different ideas as to their places of interest that they want to visit.
For instance, a week or two in Switzerland or Iceland en-route to India, could cost you more than probably a couple of months when you eventually get to India.
There are plenty of charities in Eastern Europe looking for volunteers. That may be a nice start for you. It'll give you a free bed and food, plus you'll get time off to soak up some of the local culture in a whole region full of different countries and languages.

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Hi Nicole,

Unless you have a special skill set, you might try contacting the Peace Corp. They are still one of the biggest groups taking volunteers to places about the globe. There are plenty of other groups but a lot of them want special skills or commitments, or for you to pay your own way in addition to volunteering.

That's not to say there aren't plenty of free volunteer organizations, but making connections isn't always easy.

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I suggest you start off in a small way, and then later, you could try the whole world. Vietnam is indeed a great place to start. It's one of the most affordable and friendly places you could pick, and it's true that English-capable persons have a real advantage here - ads for teaching employment are everywhere

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Do you have a specific skill set, etc? I might suggest getting an internship abroad. You can try BUNAC, for example, but there are other organizations as well. Otherwise teaching English is a very good option.

There are many volunteer organizations that you can work with, including those mentioned above. One thing I do encourage is that if you take this route, make sure you go with a reputable one, and do your homework first. Also, by going with an organization it will provide you with support in organizing VIsas, travel, and so on, which if you have never traveled before will make things much easier for you.

As far as saving, flyingbob is right, it is all dependent on your plans. I have heard stories of people that leave with $250 and a round-trip ticket booked, and others who leave with more than 50,000. I suggest you make sure you have a safety net of enough to cover a flight home at any time, if necessary, and some for emergencies. Aside from that, where do you want to go? What do you want to see? What are your plans? Costs vary from country to country and depend alot on travel style. I know I'm happy as a budget traveller, but some people are not content with tents, and sharing a dorm room with up to 8 other people.

I'm in the midst of planning my own world trip, and have done a fair bit of research on it, so feel free to PM me anytime. :)

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not sure how,

pick a continent and book a holiday, the worst that happens you have delly belly. it takes a lot of courage to pack up and go, but follow your heart. are you in a position to join a structure group ie peace, VSO, or do you want to do your own thing.

perhaps you could stay on your own continent, are you in the USA, check out the airlines, see if they offer good deals to the developing countries, maybe latin america
Miami to africa, via spain, washinhton to cape with virgin airways.
are you religious could you go on a pilgrimage, join a trip,
start at home, learn first aid, pick up the languages, upskill your self.