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Hey Victoria.
Nice to hear from you. Where abouts are you from?

I have actually just cancelled the programme i was going with. i have done alot of research over the last couple of weeks and what its offering although its pretty great its a total rip off. i have found another programme that is more in my price range and it offers even more. such as free internet all year round. travellers discount card etc. its been praised alot whereas the programme i first thought about going on had very mixed reviews (pretty much saying its not worth the money- was nearly a grand that was ozforce) whereas this one is under 400 think it works out to be 375 its called the 7 night ulimate oz experience.

thats the one im thinking of doing. a friend of mine went over by herself 3 years ago and said that was the best deal for the amount of money it is.....please post how you like it and what you think or message not going till november

22. Posted by cattyb (Budding Member 22 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hey I'm not actually going on that programme anymore as I'm going out with a friend and starting off in Melbourne but it I was travelling by myself as originally planned I would of went with that programme.
Sorry for not bin able to b more help x

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I will be travelling to Sydney myself in October! Havent booked anything yet but Im really nervous about going alone! Can you give me the details of the company you are using? If you or anyone else would like to meet up once there then great! How exciting (but scary too!).


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I'm flying to Sydney in October, doing a week with Ozintro starting 17th. I have no plans yet besides wanting to be back in Sydney for Christmas and New Year.