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1. Posted by niffy2011 (Budding Member 3 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!


Just wondering if anyone could give advice on booking RTW flights for a 6 month trip commencing October this year?

I have had a price of £1300 from roundtheworldexperts.com for UK-San Fran-Auckland overland Christchurch - Melbourne-Hong Kong overland Bangkok-UK.

I understand Flight Centre do a price beating guarantee but am yet to get a quote from them.

Just general help on the best agents, prices/ offers etc would be brilliant..

Thanks in advance

2. Posted by dlovallo1 (Full Member 119 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

you tried STA travel? normally they are pretty cheap and if your a student or under 26 even cheaper.. worth a shot

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I've head of STA as mentioned above, as well as AirTreks for RTW tickets. You may also consider purchasing the flights individually - it may or may not be cheaper - especially for the shorter flights. Try Air Asia, for example, for the flights around Asia and Oceania. Good luck!

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go for it, break it down, sometimes a complete ticket is too expensive, london to san fran, one price, san fran to next destination another price, how tight do you want the calendar and trip to be, can you be flexible, ie london to la, bus to san fran etc,
be a bit creative

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RTW tickets often don't make sense - not with all the cheap cut rate airlines flying now. It really depends on where you are planning on going - and with your itinerary I think you can probably find it for less if you book leg by leg and utilize Air Asia and Tiger Air while you are in Australia/NZ and SE Asia.

Certainly you'd have a lot more flexibility and Air Asia flies from Bangkok to the UK so you can easily check what that flight would be (about 250 sterling).

Kiwi Air has been advertising US $450 fares from SF to NZ in the US so assuming that's not smoke and mirrors you'd be looking at £500 for those two flights.

6. Posted by niffy2011 (Budding Member 3 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the advice peeps!

Unfortunately we are not under 26 or students, so STA is coming in approx £1500 for the route we are after (which seems ridiculous?!)

I have looked at doing individual flights but it seems more expensive in some instances to get a single ticket as opposed to a return?! Struggling to find any one way tickets from UK to San Fran or LA for anything less than £800 for October???

Anyways I will keep searching...

Thanks again!

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Strange.. on a quick search I found one for 470 GBP.... However, have you considered traveling in NA at all? I know you can get much cheaper flights to other destinations - for example a flight to New York from London starts at 188 GDP. Even at that it may be cheaper to fly in, spend a few days, then fly across the country. Just an idea. :)

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It'd say it all comes down to 2 things :
_ how much flexibility do you want ? If you want some then go for RTW ticket, because you can change dates easily and for free. And believe me while you travel your plans change everyday :-)
_ how "classic" is your itinerary. If it's usual then you can get really good deals with specialized agencies like Airtrek, indeed. If you have a precise idea where you want to go and it's not necessarily the same as everyone else, then RTW tickets may be a better option.
You may consider combining RTW and regional low costs.
You can find a bit more infos on my blog : -snip-
Good luck.

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